Hello My Very Fine friends, 

There are 100 days left until the midterm elections of 2022. And for many Americans, they cannot come soon enough.  


We must make this election about the BIG things, the big trends in our nation. Yes, we must discuss issues, but the BIG thing is whether we are going to hold on to America the free and great, or surrender to the mounting forces of globalism and Marxism which will destroy America.


In short, this and all elections in the foreseeable future are “hold on to America and freedom OR ELSE enter Reagan’s thousand years of darkness under socialist tyranny” elections. 


America is reeling from the intentionally inflicted harm caused by Biden’s policies. These include record-high inflation, unaffordable gas prices, baby formula shortages, impending food shortages, ongoing forcible steamrolling of an ineffective and dangerous covid vaccine, chaotic abandonment of the southern border, a green new deal agenda based on dubious alarmist “science” that will rob you of your freedom and comfort, federal agencies weaponized by the ruling party elite and used to silence and intimidate the political opposition, concocting and exaggerating racial tensions and gender lunacy, threatening free speech, and a slew of other disasters tied to this administration. Voting against this slow-rolling but relentlessly ongoing Marxist destruction of America should be an easy call.


Two recent past elections where similar issues loomed could be cause for optimism.


Recall the midterm routing of 2010, the first opportunity American voters had to let the Obama-Biden regime know what they thought about their radical leftist, “big government is just here to help you so we need to control you” agenda and policies. Republicans gained 63 House seats, 6 Senate seats and a whopping 680 seats in state legislatures. A record still today.


In the presidential election of 1980, Americans had their opportunity to tell President Carter what they thought of his misery-inflicting agenda. President Reagan, running on the issues of ending economic misery and defeating the threat of communism posed by Russia, won 489 Electoral College votes to Carter’s 49. 


Yet there is danger in optimism regarding the 2022 midterms.  


The misery index today is the same or worse than what drove voters to boot Carter out of office in 1980. For many, that will be enough to drive their midterm vote.


But the role of the communist threat against America today is more complex and alarming, bold and direct but also subtle and deceiving.


The nation-state threat comes mostly from China and its expansionist agenda and is of course looming and dangerous. And that threat is compounded by living under an American administration that appears beholden to China.  So rather than an American leader exposing and opposing the CCP agenda, we are living under an administration that appears to be helping their cause.


Moreover, our 2022 election will be held against the backdrop of the international threat represented by the expanding New World Order socialist/communist agenda that is rooted now in more established entities, such as the World Economic Forum, various UN and NGO entities, filled with woke socialist globalists, who are openly aided and abetted by today’s American Left. Put plainly, it is cool on the Left to disdain America and join the ranks of globalists and socialists.


And America is in a different place than it was in 1980 and even in 2010. Some segment of our “well-educated” millennials and youth have had the understanding of and reverence for America, freedom, and free markets mis-educated right out of them. Bureaucratic DC is more filled with those who sympathize with socialist, Marxist goals, including at high levels of government. Our precious military endured the assault of the Obama years where loyalists to America, patriots, were driven out and replaced by loyalists to leftism.


In common English, more American leaders than in the past are on board with the loss of American uniqueness, identity and sovereignty at the behest of the globalist utopia they foolishly believe could be created. 


Therefore, this and all elections in the foreseeable future are “hold on to America and freedom OR ELSE enter Reagan’s thousand years of darkness under socialist tyranny” elections.


This is a message of hope and optimism, with a strong sprinkling of encouragement to be involved.  The Marxist Left thinks they almost have America, and belief in America’s unique greatness, beat. 


Let’s show them how wrong they are.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!