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The FBI raid on President Trump’s private Mar-A-Lago residence last week was a Lexington and Concord, shot heard around the world,  level historic event on many levels.  At the very least it should be the final straw that breaks any lingering trust in or support for the FBI, a politically corrupted-to-the-core law enforcement institution. I do mean that when there is a new GOP president and majority in the House and Senate, the FBI needs to be dismantled. Completely. Start over. 


The FBI protects leftists from scrutiny, investigation and therefore from prosecution, including (to name only a few of many) Hillary with her illicit server and her destruction of evidence and MANY other schemes, and Hunter Biden with his laptop full of crimes implicating not only him but “The Big Guy,”  and the varied, multitudinous criminals who participated in the violent anti-American, Democrat-sponsored riots and destruction at the hands of Antifa and BLM. The FBI found reasons to dismiss ALL of this.


The FBI that coddles and protects leftists from investigation and prosecution, at the very same time goes on the offense, literally is the attack arm, against the leftists’ political opposition. So among other examples, the FBI dutifully hassled Project Veritas when Joe Biden’s daughter misplaced her embarrassing diary (showers with her dad?), pursued Trump over the Russia-collusion hoax when they could see early on there was nothing to it, and continues to push nothing short of a witch hunt against everyone who entered DC on January 6th, while utterly dropping the ball on investigating election fraud via electronic voting machines, which is ironically what drove the January 6th episode.


The FBI has embraced the leftist agenda and mission, but the raid on Mar-A-Lago was not only political but personal. The reasons offered for the raid vary and change, and do not hold water


So WHY do these people hate Trump so much?  Really think about that. It is NOT for any of the reasons they say. Democrats and the uni-party hate that Trump re-instilled belief in the hearts and minds of the America people in the great goodness of America. He exposed the WEF and globalist agenda, the corruption of many in the ruling classes in government as well as in banking and corporate America, renewed and strengthened the America economy and the belief in freedom and free markets. ALL of this undermines the globalists’ mission and agenda. 


Two quick suggestions for your summer reading and listening pleasure:

     To understand more about what led up to the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, read THIS summary from the brilliant Sundance at Conservative Treehouse, which is the first in a four-part must read series. 

    This morning I watched a special livestream event put on by True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregory Phillips, called The Pit.  It  got a little long, but is worth a listen as they delve into the ongoing effort to expose election fraud.


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