Hello My Very Fine friends,  

If you watched soon-to-be-former Rep Liz Cheney’s concession speech, (or read it here) after she lost her Wyoming GOP primary by 30+ points, you know she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln in his quest to hold the union together.  She spoke in eloquent, even majestic self-laudatory terms, and about the greatness of America, and vowed to continue what she sees as her fight to preserve America. She has hinted in numerous contexts that she may run for president in 2024 or sometime later, and I believe she will.

Liz Cheney seemed genuine, earnest, and even noble. She believes there was no outcome-changing election fraud in 2020. 

Or, more precisely and very importantly,  she fervently wants to believe there was no election fraud in 2020, and she can sustain this belief by refusing to face and examine the overwhelming evidence of the fraud that was the 2020 elections. She is consumed by envy of Donald Trump’s popularity with the American people, and disdain for his patriotism that ignores ruling class protocol and dictates. From there, she arrives easily at her “no fraud to see here” conclusion, and her condemnation of all talk about a stolen election and all efforts to protest about it or investigate it as conspiracy theories, myths, and lies. She justifies her actions on the J6 committee by ignoring the facts around the 2020 elections.

Liz Cheney’s “my head is permanently in the sand and no one can make me face facts” speech showed us the power of simply ignoring truth.  Refusing to look at evidence. Joining the mockery mob and shutting down the people’s voices. Bizarrely, she laid claim to right and true ideas, the very ideals that Trump supporters are actually defending. 

Her speech was emblematic of what nearly the entire DC establishment, and most of the political ruling class of both parties across America have been trying to do since November of 2020. Sling slogans, parrot party talking points, mock those who question, and suppress or ignore evidence related to election fraud. And they all do that for the same reason: Trump’s populist message and anti-swamp agenda endangers and outrages them. So they cling to and echo the “no evidence of election fraud exists” myth.

Yet listen to this brilliant rendition by Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake of ALL of the completely undisputed evidence of massive and overwhelming election fraud in 2020. It is masterful, is not speculation, and is fact-filled. 

Ironically, Liz Cheney’s speech happened days after The Pit national livestream in which Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips revealed even more evidence of the utter fraud that was the 2020 election. It happened just days before the start of Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit happening this weekend in which he is presenting the latest news, facts, and evidence related to 2020 election fraud. 

SO in this instance, the political battle lines are drawn not around ideology, but around what the facts are. 

NOW is the time to dig in for truth. As the oft-repeated saying goes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts. There is NO reason to surrender or to negotiate or compromise, with lies, on any topic. 

Truth exists, can be discerned, and must be honored. Lies cannot win.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!