My Very Fine Friends,

The anti-American left is obsessed with fomenting racial division under the guise of trying to address supposed systemic racism.

The truth about America is that it is filled with noble, just, and good people of every race and skin color who try their best to treat each other with dignity and respect, which makes the anti-American Left’s obsession with fomenting racial division pure evil. Lefties stir up racial bigotry, distrust, and tension, DELIBERATELY, and then blame the resulting violence and tension on their political opponents.

 Relentless false, concocted claims of racism, white privilege, systemic racism, institutional racism and white supremacy are outrageous and absurd. The leftist obsession with these false accusations of racism is making America more dangerous and more divided.

 And this is intentional. Three quick stories.

 First, this past week on “The View”, host Sunny Hostin theorized that the reason for the recent rise in black gun ownership in America is, naturally, “white supremacism.” She claimed gun purchases are up because police make black Americans feel unsafe.  She also offered the novel (and wholly unsubstantiated) theory that the Second Amendment was included in the constitution to protect slavery.

 A double whammy knock on America.

Racist cops and racist constitution.

Nice try Ms. Hostin, but the glaringly obvious truth is that gun ownership is up among all racial groups because of rising crime in America.  And crime is up due to leftist policies and projects like defunding the police, decriminalizing criminal conduct, releasing violent criminals after arrest, and fomenting racial tension and distrust by obsessing on insidious, dishonest, and intentionally manipulative ideas like critical race theory and white privilege.

Leaders on the American Left were silent in the face of Antifa’s and BLM’s year of riots, mayhem and murder, making millions of Americans feel unsafe.  Violent crime is up in American cities. In NYC crime is up over 22% from one year ago. Violent crime is up, and policing is down. No wonder gun ownership is up.

Second, this weekend in a wealthy Texas neighborhood, a group calling themselves Dallas Justice Now sent a letter to residents that opens with the words: “An Open Letter to Wealthy White Liberals of HPISD from DJN.”  It demands that white residents sign a pledge, committing they will not let their children apply to any Ivy League schools or any of the top 50 US colleges and universities as listed by U.S. News & World Report, because these slots should be saved for people of color. The letter sanctimoniously scolds “white liberals” to do more than just put “Black Lives Matter” signs in their yards. It urges people to tell their “white privileged friends” to follow the same instructions, and to sign the pledge.

 This DJN group could be just a ragtag handful of entitled Marxists with no organizational backing, whose current cultural Marxism project is to harass their fellow citizens who happen to be white. But consider the audacity of a group of citizens feeling entitled and emboldened enough to instruct their fellow Americans about where their kids should go to college, based on race.

 And race is the ONLY factor the DJN deems relevant in assessing who is entitled to apply to elite institutions. NO deference to such factors as merit, achievement, skills, hard work, and talents. This group issued a racist demand under the guise of accusing others of racism if they will not go along with them. Quite the entitled bunch!

Third, famous black conservative leader and Hoover Institute Fellow Shelby Steele explained recently that America is NOT a systemically racist society and that claims of systemic racism are expanding the territory of entitlement. His point is important:  systemic racism is not just a misread of the condition of American society, but is rather a tool for fomenting division and expanding the sense of entitlement among those who are being told they are victims of this concocted systemic racism.

 Race is being used by the anti-American Left as a tool to divide America. The WORST outcome of or reaction to what the Left is doing would be for them to succeed in dividing us further along the lines of race.

Claims of systemic racism and the whole racialization agenda are not black vs white issues. They are “belligerent Marxist leftists who feel entitled to control everyone else and who are committed to dividing America“ VS “rational Americans who still believe in freedom, rights and dignity of the individual” issue.

 DON’T let the Left divide America. Refuse to let them define the issues. Reject their claims that they speak on behalf of any racial group, because they do not. They speak on behalf of the radical Left, and should be denounced and their views rejected.

 I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!