Hello My Very Fine Friends,  


There are dozens of directions to go and observations to make about Joe Biden’s remarks on Thursday from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. The outrageous indulgence in projection (accusing Trump and the MAGA millions of exactly what Biden is in fact doing); the melodramatic, creepy, bizarre red lighting and intimidating black ops darkness punctuated with actual military officers outlined in the background; the vicious, dishonest, divisive, violence-inducing characterization of MAGA Americans as dangerous extremists; the audacious hypocrisy and farcical patriotic drama of a president whose administration daily flaunts the constitution, calling for his political opponents to follow the constitution; was all deeply off-putting to America.  So off-putting that Biden essentially retracted his words the next day. 


Two things especially struck me. 


First, something Biden didn’t say, but that explains everything.

The reason that the MAGA movement so outrages the Left, is that MAGA soundly rejects the Leftists’ relentless mission to tear down America. Leftists have spent decades attacking America—labeling Americans, and America’s very identity as evil, sowing seeds of division along racial and economic lines, recasting freedom and free markets as selfish, and contorting our noble history and founding ideals into the ugly lies of the 1619 project and its ilk.


The MAGA mindset — the reminder of the fundamental goodness of America and the American people, the reigniting of reverence for the Declaration’s promise of liberty and the Constitution’s limits on government power, the bolstering of belief in the rights of the individual to live in freedom — is the Left’s real enemy. The Left is working feverishly to destroy the idea and ideals of America, while Trump is inspiring the American people to believe in America again.  


Biden said in attacking Trump that blind loyalty to a single leader is fatal to democracy. That is an utterly irrelevant truism. The MAGA fervor is about America, not about Trump. Biden and team think if they can destroy Trump they can crush the MAGA movement, but they are wrong.  Trump exposed the swamp, and the ongoing undermining of America’s strength and sovereignty at the hands of the uni-party deep state. Now that we Americans are awake, we cannot “unsee” what we now know.  In other words, MAGA will outlive Trump.   Americans want their country restored, while Biden and the Left want it fundamentally transformed into a weak and socialistic shadow of its former self.  This is the fundamental conflict.


Second, Biden and the America-hating and freedom-destroying cabal running this country are frightened to death that the systemic election fraud that plagues and corrupts our elections is being exposed all over America. Leftists thought they could prosecute, persecute, mock, intimidate, threaten, and belittle the life out of the effort to expose the stolen election in 2020. But it is not working. As the evidence of massive election fraud mounts, the fear on the Left rises as they face the reality that America knows their government is not legitimate…that we are an occupied country. We know it, and they know it.


But Biden’s Farce in Philadelphia speech happened for a reason. EVERYTHING Biden and his Leftist puppeteers do is orchestrated, deliberate, duplicitous. Joe was sent to Philadelphia to send a message and it was NOT unity.  It was intended to threaten Americans who support the effort to expose election fraud, while appearing to call for fair elections. It was intended to intimidate those who strive to support the genuine restoration of the rule of law and constitutional governance, while purporting to convey love for those venerable ideals.


The Farce in Philadelphia speech was a major misfire on the part of the Left, but it revealed both their relentless determination to dominate and intimidate, and their fear that America knows they are not legitimate. Keep up the pressure for election integrity, and re-embrace love of America’s unique greatness.


That stirring in your heart?  It’s the love of freedom that you’ve known as an American.  It’s God-given.  Embrace it.  Stand up for it.  Defend it.  We are winning and we must win.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!