Hello My Very Fine Friends,  

Election Day 2022, November 8th, is almost here soooo … : 

  • Volunteer! I am volunteering on Election Day after my show to work the polls until they close, and then help the Election Judge shut down the polling location at the end of the day. You likely STILL have time to volunteer to help at a polling place near you as a clerk or poll watcher, OR to stand up for one of your candidates in the parking lot and encourage the voters to “choose wisely” and vote to restore liberty. 


  • Vote to preserve America! For those who have not voted yet, remember that this election is not about choosing the most likable person running, it’s about voting for the person who will stand up for freedom in America and STOP the Marxist wrecking ball that is the Biden Administration. 


  • Reject write-in wannabe candidates! Reject opponents to the conservative or GOP candidates on your ballot. Self-appointed write-in candidates never win, and often help leftists win by pulling votes away.


  • Resist complacency! DON’T get lulled in by predictions of a Red Wave and decide you can skip voting. MAKE the Red Wave by voting and inviting your 25 best (conservative registered voter) friends to do the same. 


  • Stay in the fight! No matter the outcome of this election, preserving America’s unique and extraordinary greatness is a lifelong mission. 


  • Hold officials accountable! The next step for patriots after the Red Wave wins is to hold our elected officials accountable on all of the issues. 


  • MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: REMEMBER. Saving America is not an Election Day thing, it is an exciting, vital, ongoing, day-by-day battle for decades to come. This is because the larger ongoing battle is for the ideological heart of America. Marxists, socialists, communists, Leftists, ALL of the cabal of power-hungry, freedom-destroying, rights-eliminating goons  around this world and in America truly think that people can be fooled into surrendering their God-given freedom and in fact surrendering the sovereignty of America itself.  THAT is what is on the ballot this fall, the question of whether America the free or America the Marxist will be our future. I choose freedom.


There is SO much more to talk about today and every day, in our shared quest to save America, so please tune in this coming week, every Monday through Thursday at 3pmCT, to AmericaCanWeTalk.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!