Hello My Very Fine Friends,  


On Friday I met for a morning coffee with one of my besties in a cozy coffee shop in a small town in North Texas. It was a chilly and rainy day, and this shop was bustling. 


Right next to us at this coffee shop well over a dozen young moms, each holding a very young baby or toddler, had gathered for a Mom’s morning out. Every time another mom walked through the front door the group greeted them, shifted chairs around to make room, etc. Their chatter was loud and their laughter cheerful, all admiring each other’s babies and discussing the issues young mommies everywhere talk about. They were authentic and wholesome and happy. 


But what struck me the most about these moms was their innocence. 


Each held in her lap a precious child for whose future she feels responsible. Choosing to have a child is an irreversible leap of faith that the world will be a sane place and that our society and culture and state and country will be intact and stable. These young women radiated a sense of joy and purpose and an almost giddy expectation of good about life and the future.  


Watching these moms made me both happy and sad.


Happy because they were there.


America’s birthrate is declining at an alarming rate, and the “I-hate-men-and-you-should-too” feminism compounded with the gender insanity craze,  makes it reasonable to question whether normal families can thrive. Add to that the #TradWife debate raging on TikTok and elsewhere over the question of what marriage is and whether being a traditional wife is even respectable. (More on the TradWife debate upcoming on ACWT.) So this coffee shop group reaffirmed healthy families exist and are growing and are happy.


Sad because the innocence they radiated made me wonder if any of them know what is happening to their country. 

Do they know that election thieves and not We the People determine who runs the country? Do they know that their children’s schools will teach their babies they can change their gender on a whim and keep mommy and daddy in the dark about it? Do they know that their government deliberately abandoned the border and let millions illegally walk and meld into America including drug and sex traffickers, jihadists, cartel and gang members, whose presence will endanger those precious babies they were holding in their laps? Do they know that the Bill of Rights and constitution they likely learned about were hidden guardrails for America’s stability and are being eviscerated as they sip their lattes? Do they know about the globalists’ agenda and mission to end sovereign nation states, most especially America? Do they know that the pharmaceutical industry in cahoots with the federal agencies that are supposed to protect the people not big pharma are recommending dangerous and untested and unnecessary gene jabs for babies to “protect” them from an easily treatable disease? Do they know that we are headed toward unlivable inflation and massive supply chain disruption and unimaginable energy shortages, ALL resulting from intentional policy choices?


The leap of faith each of those moms took to bring new life into the world is in part (presumed and perhaps unrecognized) faith that America will be the same in the future, that America will not crumble into poverty and misery, or become tyrannical and totalitarian. 


I “do” AmericaCanWeTalk because I want the same safe and sane and secure America for those babies and their baby’s babies, as I had growing up. Because many moms and other Americans can be too busy focusing on living responsible and generous and noble lives to recognize the disintegration of America happening all around them. Because waking up America to the evils of the slithering and insidious and growing Marxist movement undermining the very existence of America the free, is my passion.


There is SO much more to talk about today and every day, in our shared quest to save America, so please tune in this coming week, and every Monday through Thursday at 3pmCT, to AmericaCanWeTalk.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!