Hello My Very Fine Friends,


The FBI admitted in a deposition this week to coordinating (colluding?) with social media and tech giants to instruct them to block and remove content under the guise of combating “misinformation,” which conveniently for them, they get to define.  


This deposition took place pursuant to a lawsuit filed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Missouri AG Eric Schmitt. The FBI agent testifying under oath admitted to weekly meetings between an FBI Taskforce and the major social media companies, and to regular communications by the FBI to those entities instructing them what accounts and URLs should be taken down.  Great articles explaining the  background HERE and HERE and HERE.


Your government, in the form of the FBI, instructs Google, Microsoft and Apple to block certain stories, basically because those stories are counter to the narrative the FBI (the deep state) is pushing.


This is raw censorship. AG Schmitt called it a “massive censorship enterprise.”  The First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech is there to prevent precisely the kind of activity the FBI engaged in. 

Add to that the fact that FBI agents also have backdoor portals to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, connecting federal law enforcement with these social media networks, again in their quest for censorship. For controlling who can speak, what they can say, and what you the American citizen are allowed to read.


Add to that the fact that the Twitter Files released this week showed that in October of 2020, Twitter censored speech based on instructions from the Biden team. Not only were Twitter policies and employees blocking Americans from knowing about the grotesque and criminal and compromising content of Hunter Biden’s laptop, but the FBI and the DNC were giving instructions to Twitter about what should be removed or allowed. (Follow @mtaibbi on Twitter for all detail on the newly released Twitter Files.) 


Add to that the evidence from the Twitter Files that certain members of Congress were aware of the FBI’s censoring operation and  supported it with the defense that the First Amendment, after all,  “isn’t absolute.” 

Add t0 that, the Twitter Files release shows that Soros-funded Katie Hobbs, alleged Governor-elect of AZ who got to continue in her role as AZ Secretary of State overseeing her own election, was in regular contact with Twitter during her campaign, flagging “misinformation” to be taken down.


Add up all of that, and here is what you get. 


Deep state Washington DC, along with left wing sources around America, manipulated the 2020 elections AND the 2022 midterms, by censoring what the American people could read and know about. The social media giants, fully on board with their agenda, submitted to this censorship and complied.  Those elections were stolen from the American people,  because the federal government and the Biden team deprived the American people of their right to speak, to read, to know the truth, and ultimately therefore of their right to a fair election.   


So what happens now? As with so many scandals, the outrage is compounded by a feeling of helplessness.  No one is ever held accountable.  


Who CAN do anything about this? 


The newly elected GOP majority in Congress is the most logical and obvious locus for action. They are in the position to take public, drastic, and relentless action. That majority must grasp the gravity of these revelations, and muster up the courage to defy the Biden administration in its entirety.  


The GOP majority can refuse to authorize ANY money for the FBI’s operations until all questions are answered, everyone complicit is fired, and potential criminal charges are investigated and filed. They can hold daily press conferences explaining why the Biden administration is illegitimate, and calling for a new special presidential election. They can continue the drumbeat that the American people were robbed of their right to self-governance and freedom of speech. 


But this new majority will only act if they feel enormous pressure from the American people, if they receive a message that we will NOT let this go and THEY must not let this go. So we should tell them.


This censorship operation for the purpose of controlling election outcomes is the biggest scandal, and the biggest threat to the American people and to our Republic in our lifetimes, and probably ever. We cannot let the “move on, we are past that, it’s no big deal, let it go” forces that will soon be spewing that message in the media, dissuade us from the mission to hold everyone involved accountable. 

It is time. 


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!