Hello My Very Fine Friends, 


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, my very fine friends.


I hope you all can step back from the press of busyness and the worries of life to immerse yourselves in the beauty and importance of Christmas, and in the gratitude for Hanukkah and the divine provision of oil to keep the Temple candles burning.  


While I truly hope you celebrate deeply and happily, I ALSO hope you know how very much our country needs clear thinkers and brave leaders to stay on task in rescuing and restoring America. 


We live in profoundly consequential times. Future generations will look at these times and either thank us for preserving freedom and America, OR ask why we let the forces of tyranny now unleashed on America remove and destroy the protections of God-given freedom that America was founded to preserve.


Lt Gen Michael Flynn, U.S. Army (retired)  and Army Sergeant (retired) Boone Cutler have written and released the first in an illuminating fifth-generation warfare information series called The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare.  The premise and purpose of this book are extremely important. 


These brave and experienced warriors are exposing and explaining the currently ongoing war on the minds and beliefs of Americans, the war to push false narratives and distorted and untruthful perceptions. Through social media, artificial intelligence manipulation and more, Americans are being bludgeoned into confusion, bulldozed into submission, and manipulated by absurd lies. Exposing not just the lies but the tactics used to spread those lies is vital in order for Americans to understand what is happening to our country, our culture and our freedom.


Step back for a moment to consider how bizarre and actually laughable  it would have been for almost all of American history for anyone to claim that 40% of college students are LGBTQ, that biological men can have babies and have the right to compete in women’s sports and share locker rooms,  that America the greatest and  free-est nation on earth is a profoundly and inherently racist nation whose roots are evil (“Freedom is evil!”) , that most Americans support a wide open border, that socialism and communism are better than freedom and free markets,  that our country would tolerate nationwide riots that burned buildings and destroyed private businesses with almost no prosecutions but treat as domestic terrorists many who peacefully protested an obviously stolen election and deprive them of basic due process, and that most  Americans agree that we should surrender our hard-fought-for sovereignty to an international cabal of socialists intent on forcibly redistributing everyone’s wealth and controlling our lives, travel rights, healthcare, and pretty much everything else. 


NONE of these appeal to rational, informed Americans, yet each is seemingly a prevalent and increasingly popular viewpoint. OR more precisely, each of these is being surreptitiously spoon-fed to the American people. I think Lt Gen Flynn’s new book will help burst many of these absurd bubbles, but for America to prosper, patriots must get and stay engaged, expose the lies and speak for truth.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!