My Very Fine Friends,

     Great news and other news, coming your way.

     Our great news is that tickets and sponsorships are now available for you to join me at our Second Annual America Can We Talk Women for Freedom Summit in Dallas, at the Dallas Hilton Lincoln Centre, on Saturday September 18th.  

     I am truly very excited about the speakers you will hear and the topics they will address – the issues that matter to saving America. Check out the flyer below that lists our speakers. You can learn more, become a sponsor,  and purchase tickets, on our website at THIS LINK, which is 

     In other news, censorship rolls on. VERY soon you may no longer be able to watch AmericaCanWeTalk on YouTube. They have again recently removed my videos, shows, and interviews for violating their “community standards,” AND blocked me from posting future shows for some undetermined period of time.  

     So you know, the shows and interviews they removed involved actual experts, medical doctors, people with PhD’s, talking about some of the most important issues facing America, such as covid and covid vaccines, and truth about the evidence of election fraud. YouTube is saying they decide truth. Informed experts not allowed to disagree. 

     SO, if you normally watch AmericaCanWeTalk on YouTube, NOW is the time to flip the channel and start watching the show on my website! Watch America, Can We Talk LIVE right at 3pmCT Monday through Thursday by clicking here: AND you can find all past shows and interviews on our website

     Related to this censorship, I want to share THIS link with you that contains information about the ways to watch the show even if it is removed by YouTube and/or Facebook.  

     Last topic for this week.  Americans who peacefully protested at the Capitol on January 6th and who are charged with trespassing are being held in jail awaiting trial, some in solitary confinement! I am NOT defending or writing about the very few who committed violence. I am talking trespassers who now can only be fairly labeled as political prisoners in America.  

     America routinely denounces the conduct of repressive governments around the world for exactly the kind of conduct that the Biden Administration is now engaged in. Punishing political opponents by imprisoning them in solitary confinement (a punishment normally reserved for the most dangerous prisoners and universally recognized as a form of torture) is unspeakably wrong. It is also unspeakably wrong to dishonestly contort the January 6th protest over vast election irregularities (to say the least) into an insurrection (!!) and to create a committee comprised of political enemies of the protesters to investigate the non-existent insurrection attempt.

     This past week some members of Congress tried to hold a press conference in Washington to call attention to this egregious situation. Representatives Gohmert, Gaetz, Greene, and Gosar gathered outside the US Department of Justice to call attention to this outrage. The result was a circus of ignorant protesters disrupting the press conference, some moron blowing a ref’s whistle the whole time so no one could hear, the refusal of the DC Department of Corrections to allow these MEMBERS of CONGRESS to see the conditions under which the prisoners are being held, and a later announcement that the DOJ will not have the January 6 evidence ready until 2022.

This should NEVER happen in America. 

We’ll talk about this on Monday.

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!