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The World Economic Forum (WEF) met this week and is wrapping up today, Friday January 20th, in Davos Switzerland. The 2700 attendees included 116 billionaires, 634 CEOs, and 52 heads of state. For those who can access it, the Wall Street Journal published running live coverage and references to major speakers HERE.


A battle rages over what to think about the WEF. 


As the WEF tells it, the meeting provides an opportunity for world leaders to grapple with the major issues facing mankind. The theme this year is “Co-Operation in a Fragmented World.”  This year WEF launched a Global Collaboration Village whose members, called Village Partners, will collaborate throughout the year on issues of importance.


Critics of the WEF describe this annual gathering as a small group of entirely self-appointed ruling elites who are plotting a globalist takeover of sovereign nations and most especially America, and planning the slow-rolling crushing of individual freedom. Such critics are regularly ridiculed as fear-mongers and conspiracy-theorists who mindlessly rant about a new world order.


It’s interesting to note that the WEF is trying to backpedal out of some of their own unpopular stances from recent meetings. You may recall their own video “8 Predictions for the world in 2030” featured the now-famous and unpopular predictions (agenda items?)  that “you’ll own nothing and be happy” and “western values will have been tested to the breaking point.”  This year’s meeting features more of the same.


Notably, at Davos, conformity of opinion is required, and debate will get you canceled out. WEF Founder Klaus Schwab himself scornfully described how those critical of the globalists’ agenda are standing in their way


So is there any reason for fear or disdain toward the WEF?  Does the WEF really matter?


Here are few snippets from the WEF,  from their own speakers:


— Klaus Schwab Founder and CEO describes in opening remarks the turning point the world faces as we are confronted by existential problems such as climate change (no refutation or mention of overwhelming data presented by actual climate scientists debunking climate alarmism about co2 and fossil fuels- no discussion allowed)

— Nita Farahany touted the “extraordinary promise” of the use of mind-reading devices in the workplace, literal wearable mind-reading devices, a technology already in existence. Now even your thoughts can be monitored.

— Tony Blair demands “National Digital Infrastructure to monitor your vaccine status

— Moderna CEO wants an mRNA shot factory on every continent

— Advocacy for a social carbon-based credit score and digital surveillance system for everyone

— Disgraced former CNN anchor Brian Stelter headed up the panel on silencing disinformation and strategies were discussed to fight “right wing disinformation’ and worse, predictions made that the U.S. will soon have illegal hate speech laws.

— In the midst of revelations from the Twitter Files about the FBI collaborating with Twitter to censor Americans’ speech about the Biden laptop and many other stories, clearly interfering with elections in America,  FBI Director Wray spoke at Davos to urge that the future of national security is in partnership between tech companies and governments. Ironic, and no shame.


WEF founder and current CEO Klaus Schwab and the WEF:

— Push wealth redistribution and the end of capitalism, and 

— Stridently profess climate change to be of emergency-level concern and call for a new mindset to deal with climate. 

— Demand a Great Reset. Schwab published a book in 2020 called “COVID-19: The Great Reset” in which he pushed the idea that the Covid “emergency” could be used as a springboard for expanded globalist and WEF power, and forced wealth redistribution. 


There is much more to report from the WEF, but to answer my question at the outset, for those who love America, the WEF agenda is your enemy. They are not just a bunch of foreigners who hypothetically speak about policy ideas. Top speakers there are Americans in positions of leadership, and they are all about taking down the freedoms that America is founded upon. 


No one at WEF is talking about the need to bolster and honor the sovereignty of each nation-state, enforce borders, correct covid tyranny, fix election integrity, protect opportunity, honor health care freedom, promote freedom and free markets, or protect the future of freedom of speech and assembly, and religious freedom.  No one. This an all-tyranny, no freedom agenda.


They are not meeting to discuss ideas, they are meeting to solidify an agenda, a mission.  WEF is not a thoughtful though elite think tank, it is a planning meeting for nefariously forcing globalization over free people and sovereign nations.


So when you hear mockery of those deeply concerned about the WEF agenda, share what that agenda is, from their own words.   Americans should care about the WEF because they are coming for you, for America and for your freedom.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters.


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!