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This past week I was honored to have an in-depth interview with filmmaker and author Trevor Loudon, which is linked below. His work researching and exposing the connections and direct ties between American officials and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) along with a multitude of communist organizations functioning in America, is simply invaluable. His most recent books,  Security Risk Senators: Part 1 & 2expose specifically the ties between current members of the United States Senate and communism. 


Three profoundly important issues emerged as Trevor Loudon joined me on AmericaCanWeTalk, and then over the next 24 hours at two other events where he spoke here in North Texas.


One alarming issue is that many young Americans don’t fear communism. To them, the connections Trevor exposes in his books would be at best meaningless and perhaps even cause for celebration. 


This mindset is the direct result of the Gramsci-inspired “long march through the institutions,” the decades-old openly-stated socialist mission to take down America by destroying our society’s belief in freedom and in America itself. This march is WHY the faculties of America’s colleges and universities are filled with communists – it didn’t just happen. It’s WHY kids are being taught CRT and the 1619 “we hate America and you should too” project. 


The energy and determination behind the efforts to undermine America and subtly push communism as a worldview are relentless though hidden from our view, directed by those who know the agenda, and implemented by many of the people Lenin described as “useful idiots” who have no idea what is happening but are willing to help anyway.


In short, the communist ideological invasion of America has worked. Mockery of and disdain for freedom and capitalism, along with twisted exaltation of socialism, Marxism, Maoism and communism (herein these intermingled and equally evil ideologies will be referred to as communism) have rendered a significant segment of young Americans dangerously, foolishly, oblivious. 


Top leaders in today’s Democrat party are right on board with this agenda to destroy Americans’ belief in the right to live in freedom.


That so many young people have unknowingly fallen prey to this agenda of intentional and purposeful thought manipulation is dangerous for the future of freedom in America.  


Facts do not seem to sway these exuberant youthful devotees of communism. Historical evidence about the astonishing and gruesome record of death, destruction, cruelty, hunger, and misery inflicted on millions by communism in countries around the world is dismissed with “they just didn’t do communism right – we’ll do it better here.” 


The second issue is that we cannot fully explain or understand why freedom is better than communism, without talking about God. This point emerged both from Trevor’s remarks and from ensuing conversations I’ll share below.


America’s founding idea, as radical now as it was at the time our forebears wrote the Declaration of Independence, is that man’s primary relationship is with God, our Creator, and that our right to live in freedom flows directly from that relationship. In fact, life and rights and freedom for everyone on earth, including atheists, flow from that relationship. Government is secondary, and as created in our American constitution is intended to honor and protect individuals and those rights. The individual’s primary loyalty is to God. 


This explains why communists hate God and churches and established religions, why when communists come to power they destroy churches and arrest and kill priests and pastors, and why communist tyrants still today attack, imprison, and kill Christians, and outlaw Bibles. Communism demands that man’s primary loyalty be to government. Communist governments claim the power to define the rights and freedoms of their citizenry, and they cannot allow their citizenry to embrace a faith in something bigger than the communist government.


My friend who is now American but who grew up in Nicolae Ceausescu’s Communist Romania and was repeatedly beaten, abused, threatened, and harassed by Ceausescu’s thugs because she stood up for Christians and Christian churches, puts it this way. Communists need to be God. They need to be the final authority on all issues, and cannot allow citizens to believe in anything higher or more powerful than the communist party, government, and communism.


Communism is utterly and permanently incompatible with the idea and promise of God-given freedom. It’s a “one or the other” thing.


Which leads to the third issue. Conservative politicians have been coached over recent decades to avoid talking about or at least stressing the social issues, and especially to avoid talking about God and the importance of faith. Focusing on the supposed bread and butter issues of low taxes, free markets, strong military, limited regulatory environment etc.  are the “safe” issues that will not offend the masses, especially the young voters. 


These issues and many more matter. But in today’s America, conservative voices, from politicians to community leaders to every one of us, must speak directly about God and God-given rights,  the importance of faith and freedom of religion, about the controversial social issues like teaching disastrous gender ideology in public schools, and about life and marriage and families.  


We all must help to re-teach America what freedom means. We must speak about the fact that God was in the midst of the founding of America, and that the ideas of the Judeo-Christian scriptures were woven into the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.


Despite the fact that some young voters are susceptible to and even friendly toward communism, there is at the same time a growing awareness that young voters are yearning for deeper meaning in life. The hollow emptiness of a materially defined universe filled with concocted climate and other dangers, meaningless, life and safety and security shaped by the next mandated jab and injection, and the WEF’s Dr. Yuval Harari’s depiction of humans as “injectable units,” cannot satisfy the human need for meaning in life.  


Part of the ongoing communist long march through America’s institutions has targeted the church, attempting to divest it of commitment to truth and scriptures, and replace that with the utterly unjust social justice agenda. Part of that communist thought-manipulation quest has been to denigrate the idea of the God of the scriptures as relevant to today’s world.


Revivals breaking out spontaneously in universities around America are proof that many in this younger generation need and will respond to the message that resorting to faith in God is not the trite Puritanical pablum they’ve been taught to reject, but is in fact the only path toward a life filled with meaning and purpose.  THIS recognition is needed to help America reject and lift itself out of the communist agenda that is attacking and trying to take down America.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


Because America Matters,