Hello My Very Fine Friends, 


Over the last few days I met with a small group of fellow conservative patriots to talk about saving America as a constitutional Republic. 


One theme that emerged to me was how much power the anti-American Left acquires by manipulation, deceit, and sowing seeds of division. They launch false narratives (lies) into the public square of ideas, into the American political conversation, which manipulate the unwary, and then use those lies to solidify silos of voters and supporters who are suspicious and resentful of their fellow citizens, and therefore easily controllable and manipulable. 


This MO is as old as time for Marxists. Lenin and Marx divided their societies by economic classes, and today’s American Marxists do it by race and ethnicity.


The point is that the Left is organized in their destruction of America as founded. They have in recent years mainstreamed socialism, communism, globalism, and more, as legitimate mainstream ideas, though these were in very recent years seen as utterly inconsistent with the idea of and freedoms guaranteed in America. They are changing America right before our very eyes. 


This week Scott Adams’ iconic cartoon Dilbert was dropped by even more newspapers due to some remarks he made that were racially insensitive or inappropriate. 


Adams commented on a Rasmussen poll that asked those polled to agree or disagree with the statement “it’s ok to be white.”  The reported results were that 26% of black respondents said “no,” and another 21% chose the “not sure” answer. So nearly half of the black Americans polled could not agree that it is ok to be white.


Wondering how in the world that was viewed as a legitimate poll question? The phrase “it’s ok to be white” seems to have come from pushback against the CRT agenda and 1619 project that labels all white people alive in America today as oppressors regardless of their values, beliefs, actions, or speech. The leftist obsession with skin color in American society that lumps all white people into one category and then denounces them gave rise to the defense or assertion that “it’s ok to be white.” Those pushing CRT find that assertion to be offensive.  I guess they are saying it’s NOT ok to be white? Or maybe it’s not ok to defend yourself?


Scott Adams reached some very rough and, in my view, unjustified conclusions about how people should react. His comments during his daily show offended people.


Here is what Scott Adams should have said. 


“The poll question itself is obnoxious and absurd. How could it not be ok to be the skin color you were born with? 


What this poll really reveals (if it is accurate) is that the Marxist Left has deeply damaged American society. Their determination is always to tribalize, racialize, and divide the American people, and that has created a society where citizens of one race in America think it sounds reasonable to say that it is not ok for some other race of people to exist. 


My anger is not directed toward those who answered the poll the way they did, but at the leftists and cultural Marxists that plant seeds of racism. The entire point of the civil rights movement was to END discrimination based on skin color, to learn to judge each person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Those who answered in this poll that it is not ok to be white, are victims of the Left’s racialization agenda, and my commitment is to strive to lift our culture out of polarization by race and into the natural unity borne of being an American. 


No poll speaks for all Americans, or for all Americans of a particular skin color. The vast majority of Americans hate racism. I stand with all American people against the racialization of America at the hands of the Marxist Left.  Americans are better than this.”


My very fine AmericaCanWeTalk friends, despite everything that is going on in our country, I want to tell you that I am more determined than ever to stay in this fight to restore America and reassure you that I’m more hopeful than ever that truth will win in this battle for America. LOTS of other BIG stories to unpack this week, so please do tune in Monday through Thursday at 3pmCT!


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


Because America Matters,