Hello My Very Fine Friends, 


One remark by former President Donald Trump at CPAC last night grabbed my attention.  He said that the Republican Party is “never going back to the party of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, and Jeb Bush.” 


Regardless of anyone’s opinion about the three officials he named, and regardless of whether Trump wins the GOP nomination for President, Trump’s CPAC statement has great consequence for the GOP’s future. It’s not about personalities, but about what the party and leaders are willing to fight for. 


Also this week, Trump announced “Agenda47,” a “Quantum Leap to revolutionize the American standard of living.”  The transcript of his presentation of the Agenda47 idea is worth the read because it proposes big things, rooted in the quest to renew America and help create new cities, inspire the growth of families, radically innovate transportation (straight vertical takeoff vehicles for everyone??), and introduce an America First trade policy designed to bring and keep jobs here. It’s a bullish and visionary picture of America’s future.


Agenda47 and the CPAC remarks taken together raise many questions. How dedicated is the GOP to preserving America as sovereign, and uniquely founded on individual liberty and God-given rights to freedom? How dedicated are they to fighting for these ideas? And, do we believe in ourselves, that big and needed changes can happen? 


The reason these questions arise is that the entire American experiment in living in freedom, and the unique identity of America, is at risk at this time in our history.


From the planned CBDC (central bank digital currency) which means government controls your money and your access to it, to the orchestrating of the nearly-completed surrender of our healthcare sovereignty and system to the CCP-controlled World Health Organization, to Biden’s newly-assembled Formal National Surveillance State that will assure the government’s continued and expanded role in controlling internet content, to the trampling of the rule of law and the third-world treatment of the J6 prisoners, to the government censoring of political speech on Twitter and elsewhere, to  dangerous vaccines and mandates to take them, everyone paying attention is concerned about the future of America and  freedom. 


Socialist ideas have taken root in our tax and spending structure and in our climate policies, and most officials seem oblivious or willfully blind.


Many with the DC uni-party mentality go along with perpetually surrendering to the Left’s globalist WEF-agenda, which would render America a weak and meaningless player on the world stage. 


Americans are looking for leadership and for a party that still believes in and will fight for the unique greatness of America and freedom, and they know there is only one party even open to these ideas. If today’s GOP cannot get the message from the people that we want the GOP to take charge, stand up for America and freedom and national sovereignty and the rule of law, and fight the socialists and the globalist agenda, the GOP of today will go the way of the Whigs Party.


The Whigs became extinct in the 1850’s – 1860’s because they could not take a stand against the compelling moral issue of the day, slavery. The GOP today is at risk if they cannot find the backbone to stand up for American sovereignty and freedom, and against globalism and the growing tyranny and Marxism that has engulfed the Democrat Party. 


Right now the GOP declared candidates for the Presidency in 2024 include Trump, former Governor Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy (CPAC speech linked here was great), and Michigan businessman Perry Johnson (who came in third in the CPAC straw poll!).  Likely candidates include Governor Ron DeSantis, former VP Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Governor Kristi Noem, Senator Tim Scott and more. Time for our next potential leaders to lay out not just isolated policies, but where they stand on the overarching mission of preserving and improving America the sovereign and great.


One last point. Big and consequential changes can happen. We can pull America back from the precipice of socialism and globalism.


Consider the abolition of slavery in America. Southern plantations relied on slaves, and our society tolerated this devastating evil for well over 200 years. Abolition was considered an absurd idea, a wholly unachievable mission, economically devastating, and politically impossible.  Until it happened. From January of 1863 when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, until May of 1865 when the Civil War ended, the country fought it out, until the Union forces won and freedom from slavery was permanently ensured. 


It was a monumental sea change, and it had to happen.


At this time in American history, we need big and consequential changes. We can make sea-change level shifts in our policies. We should not fear making these needed changes, but relish and embrace them.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


Because America Matters,