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A great thing happened this week in America. 


Naomi Wolf, former Clinton and Gore advisor, Yale and Oxford educated Rhodes scholar, “third wave feminist” author, and former leftist, issued an open apology to conservatives and America. 


She admitted that she was wrong about A LOT of things that mattered, because she was lied to by the propaganda media (my term) that she read and believed, specifically NPR, NY Times and MSNBC. 


The beauty of this apology is that Naomi Wolf is a well-known voice, a brilliant woman, a widely respected and educated influencer, and has great credibility on the left because she is a former leftist.  


She wrote in her “Outspoken with Naomi Wolf” Substack this week that she was wrong about January 6th, Hunter’s laptop, Trump Russia collusion, the Steele Dossier, that Trump instigated the January 6 protest, that J6 was an insurrection, that Trump was a Russian asset, and more. And that she was wrong because she listened to left wing media and assumed they were telling her the truth.  Read her words and our commentary HERE.


Her apology “with the receipts” is spell-binding. It offers great hope that others hearing the drumbeat of the propaganda media lies and dazzled into accepting them or bullied into silence for fearing to question them, may just wake up to the truth, find their own voices, and speak up too. 


One event that sparked her eye-opening was Tucker Carlson playing just small portions of the tapes from January 6th. The picture of the so-called QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley/ aka Jake Angeli, walking freely and calmly around inside the Capitol on January 6th with friendly US Capitol Police Officers guiding him and opening the Senate door for him, has jarred the consciences of millions who know Chansley is serving 3+ years in federal prison for his alleged insurrectionist actions that day. 


The Capitol Hill videos show Chansley telling other J6 protesters to go home (hardly the work of an insurrectionist!), and praying on the Senate floor. Video footage also shows Trump supporters pointing out that Antifa mobsters were dressing up as Trump supporters, to aggravate the situation and commit violence that would be falsely charged to real Trump supporters.


Elon Musk has called for release of QAnon Shaman from prison over the Capitol riot, based on the truth the tapes tell. 


Which leads me to the fall of Mitch McConnell, the real fall that matters. I am sorry that Mitch McConnell fell and was injured at an event this week. I join everyone in wishing him a speedy recovery and release from the hospital.


But that’s not the McConnell Fall that matters. 


Given the opportunity to admit that the Tucker Tapes show a very different January 6 story than the one that the propaganda media and the J6 Committee pushed for months, McConnell chose to denounce Tucker and Fox, instead of the content of the information on those videos. He joined Democrat Schumer in denouncing the Tucker Tapes and calling on Fox to shut down the airing of those tapes. 


Neither Schumer nor McConnell were questioning the validity of the tapes. They were just bemoaning the fact that the public now has more proof of what really happened on J6.  It is like they do not care about the truth. Almost worse, McConnell has allowed the ongoing persecution of the J6 gulag prisoners, and the denial of the due process in their cases, with nary a peep of concern.


This is a fall from whatever remaining grace Mitch McConnell possesses. America’s justice system is failing its people, the Left is steamrolling over the rights of J6 protesters, and when evidence emerged that what must be considered exculpatory evidence was withheld during Chansley’s trial, Mitch’s go-to media response is to denounce the messenger showing the American people the truth.


Lots more of on this unfolding story, and on the SVB failure and growing fears among Americans of impending further failures of our banking system and our economy, coming up this week on AmericaCanWeTalk.  Please tune in.


Speak Truth About America.

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