My Very Fine Friends,

     We Americans have become desensitized to the anti-American Left’s tyranny, deceit, recklessness, irresponsibility, and just plain crazy. (Well, not ALL of us, but too many of us.)


     Experiments show that kids who play or just watch violent video games for extended periods became desensitized to real violence. They had seen so much they could not be brought to recognize or care about real violence.  We Americans are being treated to more and more irrational, irresponsible, repressive policies, and unnecessary limits on our freedoms, and we are becoming desensitized to the fact that what we are watching is un-American and unacceptable in America.


     The current Marxist administration and their trusty allies in the left-wing media have so mesmerized Americans and contorted our thinking that we watch in submissive shock as they:

  • Abandon the southern border and allow hundreds of thousands of non-citizens to pour into our country, among them drug dealers,  terrorists, sex traffickers, and other criminals.  Policies that were keeping Americans safer and our border more secure were eviscerated in the first few days of team Biden taking over, and the reaction of too many Americans is “well, that’s just how the Democrats do things – they are soft on crime and never support border enforcement!”!


  • Inject covid fears into the American culture daily to justify reimposing limits on our freedom. Yet the same Fear-Mongerer in Chief, President Biden, presides over the completely abandoned southern border where covid is being spread, few tests are done, southern Texas towns are being inundated with covid-positive illegal aliens, border agents are getting sick with covid, and detention centers are overrun with illegal aliens who have covid.


  • Float irrational and unnecessary covid proposals like kids being forced to wear masks to school despite that kids virtually NEVER get covid and when they do they recover quickly, and adults being forced back into masking and distancing and staying home, despite that CDC data show covid deaths are WAY down, and that masks and even the vaccine do not prevent the spread of covid.


  • Actually “go there” and begin vaccine passport protocols so Americans will have to “show their papers” to eat in a restaurant, and live life normally, which is too eerily similar to the Chinese social credit scoring system.


  • Issue threats from the DOJ that state officials who want to  pursue election audits might be facing jail time. Jail time! These threats were issued by the Biden Regime, against those trying to get to truth and a fair count in a highly contested election.


The good news is that the absurdity and the hypocrisy of the Left IS waking up more previously-mesmerized Americans. More and more are recognizing that allowing the Left to continue steamrolling over our freedoms, and  abandoning our border and therefore our sovereignty, will lead America to a very dark place where liberty and America will be under grave threat.  Check out what Senator Rand Paul had to say … resist tyranny!


The BEST answer to all of this is to NEVER surrender the missions of preserving election integrity, securing the border and therefore our sovereignty,  and protecting healthcare freedom!  

Never abandon America the free!


I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!