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Our Thursday AmericaCanWeTalk show featured a rising star singer in the Christian Contemporary genre of music named Natasha Owens. You can hear and buy her music at her website


Her most recent hit “Trump Won and You Know it,” went viral and captured the attention of Donald Trump. She also sings a song labeled America First, as well as one called “Freedom is the Song,” and another named “Stand for Life” which celebrates the reversal of Roe vs Wade. In short, she combines her Christian faith and her patriotic beliefs, all in her powerhouse voice, catchy tunes, and serious lyrics.


Compelling and entertaining as her music is, her life story along with her courage in singing what she believes is almost more compelling. The life story part, overcoming deep depression, overwhelming grief, and seemingly entrenched shyness, to become a singer who has performed at Mar-a-Lago numerous times (and lots of other nationally prominent stages) is a story of prayer and perseverance in her Christian faith.


Natasha Owens also learned that singing her beliefs about America and life and God and faith will get you blackballed and snubbed even in the hallways of power in the Christian Contemporary music scene, as that Nashville world has gone woke. But she keeps on singing.


There are at least two important takeaway messages for all of us from her success, whether you believe that Trump won in 2020 or not, and whether you support him or some other candidate for the 2024 GOP nomination, and whether you like or don’t like the “America First” message, and whether you agree with the reversal of Roe vs Wade. 


The first is that speaking truth and not being pushed around about it is not only possible but is the ONLY thing we should be doing. Why speak or sing or engage if your message is shaped and controlled by those who have no respect for your right to think for yourself? That “get some self-respect” and “stand up for what you believe” attitude is vital today.


The second is that speaking (or singing) truth will cost you. My husband and I met with an old friend yesterday who told us about being forced out of a high-level executive job because he posted on his private Facebook page that he doubted the outcome of the 2020 elections. And he is just one among many Americans who are being stifled into submission and silence, for fear of losing their jobs. 


The wokeness out of Nashville and from our friend’s former employer stems from the fact that propaganda media, the social media giants, and the uniparty elites in America, (collectively the “Censorship Mob”) try to silence all disagreement.  Not only that, but they legitimize that “right to censor others” mindset that has now penetrated or rather invaded like a slithery snake, into many facets of America’s private sector. This Censorship Mob is slowly, assiduously, and relentlessly stifling the spirit and letter of the First Amendment.


The ONLY answer is to speak up and keep speaking. 


Natasha Owens’ style bravery is desperately needed in America today. We need elected officials and Americans with power and influence to speak up and speak truth on issues ranging from life to border security to climate alarmism to election integrity to covid and the plandemic, and hundreds of others. They need to not only express their views but also to boldly defend the right of others to do so without fear of retribution or punishment of any kind. 


That’s what I do every day on AmericaCanWeTalk.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


Because America Matters,