Hello My Very Fine Friends,  


These are dark days in America. 

There is no point in denying that, or in ducking from it. 

Quite to the contrary we must expose the danger and fight for America.


Before I explain more about the darkness, I strongly urge you to listen to my interview this week with Sam Faddis, a former clandestine CIA operative who shared extremely well-informed insights regarding the danger America is in today. This danger stems from the fact that the CCP sent millions, repeatedly, to the Biden family, as proved by the Hunter Biden Laptop, rendering “the big guy” at least compromised, if not potentially a “controlled asset.”  And China is our #1 enemy, with stated plans to take down America.


The darkness includes this week’s grand jury indictment of President Donald Trump, led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a first in American history indictment of a past president, over a federal campaign finance disclosure law allegation which the FEC thoroughly reviewed and rejected as baseless years ago. Examples abound of similar (and worse!) conduct engaged in by leftist politicians and public figures who are actually New York State residents, but those folks get a pass that in the kindest terms must be labeled a “double standard.”


The darkness also includes the conviction this week of  Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, for publishing a political meme which even according to the prosecution’s own witnesses fooled no one, something unthinkable in a country allegedly committed to freedom of speech, especially political speech. This persecution occurred in federal court in New York, and the conviction was gleefully celebrated by a U.S. Attorney and the FBI, even though the jury three times told the judge they were deadlocked and were three times forced by the judge to further deliberate. 


Darkness also perfectly describes the Biden Justice Department’s relentless witch-hunt related to the January 6th protest. The DOJ announced its plans to charge up to 1,000 MORE American citizens who came to Washington DC on January 6, 2021 to protest an obviously stolen election.  Despite all of the exculpatory revelations and security video now known to every American paying attention, this DOJ marches on perpetuating the LIE that the J6 protest was an insurrection and prosecuting accordingly.


Darkness is also one of the softest words that accurately describes the Biden Regime’s attempt to impose the ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board, and the now exposed (via the Twitter files) efforts of this leftist regime to silence political speech on Twitter and other social media, censoring viewpoints and even objectively true facts that interfere with the regime’s agenda.


We cannot see these dark incidents as unrelated. (And I could add more “proof of darkness” points such as the aggression against parents, the anti-American corruption of our public-school curricula, attacks on religious freedom and the church, and the targeting of children by the trans-groomers, etc., but I think you get my point.)


The connection between Alvin Bragg’s Trump indictment in New York state court, the federal court prosecution of political speech by a “mememaker,”  the DOJ’s ongoing pursuit of every American who ventured into DC to protest on 1.16.21, and the massive suppression of free speech, is a mindset, an agenda, which is this:


America’s Leftists now in power have adopted a “destroy your political enemies at all costs” mindset. This mindset justifies prosecution and persecution of all enemies of the state and is a hallmark of tyranny throughout history. It depends on using the brute force of government to bully and censor and frighten citizens into silence and submission. It is reminiscent of the actions of socialists and communists and Marxists in world history. The Marxist-mindset takeover and weaponization of America’s criminal justice system, has arrived. Power is used to silence political enemies of this occupying regime, and to send the message to America that no citizen better dare challenge them.


America historically condemned and criticized this mindset and this kind of conduct in other countries, and now it is here.


And the darkest threat posed by this administration is even worse. 


That threat is that now the DOJ and FBI and CIA and NSA and DNI all have in their possession proof-positive in the form of the Hunter Biden laptop of the depth of corruption that is the Biden family, and its receipt of millions of dollars from America’s #1 enemy in the world, China and specifically the CCP. And not one of those agencies is even signaling a warning that our nation’s leader may be compromised in his ability to defend America, nor even hinting that they are investigating the obvious allegations of wrongdoing exposed in that laptop.  That’s what I explored in the don’t-miss interview with our very special show guest Sam Faddis this past week. 


I know what I am writing is alarming. But as I said at the outset of this note, there is nothing to be gained by ducking from or denying the reality of “what time it is in America today” in 2023. 


Despite what time it is in America today, I do have hope.


That is because there are more and more Americans awake to the existential threats America faces. We the People are still We the Sovereign and we still have the right to free speech and the obligation to protect this country. We can support the efforts of the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government by emailing and calling its members to reinforce to them, to tell them that We the People are behind them. We can push election integrity efforts in every state legislature and county commissioners court which must include eliminating all electronics in the voting process and moving forward and upward to paper ballots only and hand-counting. 


One effective way everyone can help is by spreading truth, waking up more people. That is one reason I ask you to forward this newsletter, share the show, share the link to our website, join AmericaCanWeTalk and urge others to do the same!


We all must be brave in speaking and sharing the truth. We, the patriots who love America and freedom, ARE the majority. We will win this fight to restore America the free. That’s my goal on every AmericaCanWeTalk show.


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


Because America Matters,