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Do you care that Fox News fired Tucker Carlson this week, despite that his was the most watched cable show?  It appears that his wrongdoing was covering stories that his network decided they’d rather quash.  No one knows with certainty all of the reasons for Fox’s decision, but we do know that AOC celebrated it and conservatives lambasted it. 


You may not know that Fox News has rules about what topics their hosts are permitted to discuss on their shows. Some of the most important news stories facing America, a long list of very consequential issues that Americans care about, are by contract off limits to these hosts. While conservatives routinely blast the bias of left-leaning “mainstream media,” or as I call them on ACWT “propaganda media,” or “agenda media,” the Fox network appears to have its own agenda that is openly dedicated to limiting what stories the American public can know about. 


One such story that would likely never be permitted on Fox, is the report shared during my interview this past week with Christie Hutcherson, founder of WFFA, Women Fighting for America. She joined me for an amazingly informative interview. 


Christie and her team travel regularly to America’s southern border to investigate and provide firsthand reports of the situation there, including the cartels, the drug smugglers and human traffickers, and the abandonment of our national border by the Biden administration. She also travels to Central and South America to uncover the involvement of foreign troops and officials from Iran, Russia, CCP/China and more, whose presence there involves training camps for troops as well as the deliberate infiltration of the caravans of people making their way to America’s southern border. 


What that means in plain English is that the caravans surging and pushing against our southern border are NOT made up merely of impoverished women and children fleeing to America for a better life. They include hostile individuals from enemy governments, injected into the caravans. According to official Border Patrol data, 83% of those crossing are single fighting age men. From China, Russia, Iran and other areas of the world. 


Equally alarming, Christie’s recent report shared on AmericaCanWeTalk involves the discovery of very deep and expansive underground tunnels running from somewhere in Mexico, under the border, and resurfacing in a neighborhood home in Arizona. To be clear, these are not crawl-space sized tunnels. One is four football fields in length, with electricity, fiber optic wiring and a railway track and cars. The kind of railway you see pictured in coal mines, with cars large enough to carry all sorts of nefarious cargo. 

According to Christie Hutcherson, the Biden administration knows about the tunnels. She described in our interview talking with these officials at the southern border area, near the tunnels. 


Please listen to my interview with Christie and share it with your friends. Biden officials most definitely are not enforcing the southern border, and they know it, and we know it, and they know we know it. 

These same officials know that, conservatively, over five million illegal aliens have crossed America’s southern border since Biden took office. They know their policies encourage more border crossers and make it easier for them to gain entry and get lost in our system. 

This story ought to be front page news. Yet leftist media ignore the issue and the larger implications it carries. It’s not just that the open southern border endangers the American people, it’s that the choice by the Biden team to refuse to protect the border speaks volumes about the dubious long-term intent of the anti-American Left. And no media outlet on the Left covers it. No one can force them to explain their actions, or more precisely, their inaction.


This border story also highlights the importance of listening to shows like AmericaCanWeTalk. Corporate interests, big money media, will not let you hear truth. They will curate the news to support the agenda they support, and that extends to Fox News. 


As I tell you every day, on AmericaCanWeTalk, I speak truth about America, because America matters. 


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


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