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I live very near the Allen Outlet Mall in North Texas where the deadly shooting happened yesterday, and had shopped there for the first time just a few weeks ago with a visiting relative. Thankfully the shooter was quickly (but not quickly enough for those who lost loved ones) “neutralized” by a police officer who was at the mall on another call. As of this writing neither the shooter nor the motive has been identified, though his parents/family with whom he lived are today speaking to police through interpreters. Questions are being raised about the killer’s possible affiliation with Mexican cartels.


A black NYC subway rider named Jordan Neely who had 42 prior arrests and an outstanding warrant for physically assaulting a woman, and who regularly threatened and frightened commuters, died apparently as a result of being placed in a chokehold by a Good Samaritan who happens to be white and a veteran, who acted to protect his fellow citizens. Neely’s devastating life story explains how he ended up on the streets, mentally ill and angry.  Jason Whitlock’s brilliant column exposes that America’s broken family structure is the real culprit in Jordan Neely’s death. Reading that column is vital and tremendously eye-opening if you want the fuller picture. 


Leftists predictably seize on these and other events as opportunities to attack America as a country as well as their political opposition, to exploit and increase their own power, and to continue their mission to divide American society, to cultivate resentment, suspicion, and envy among various groups of Americans.  


More importantly, these horrific events can be distractions from the even worse evil unfolding in front of us, at the hands of the government.


So the protector of the NYC subway riders is being pegged as a murderer and racist, and BLM protests have already started in NYC.  AOC predictably blames conservative ideas, and the BLM protests try to make this a racial incident, which it is not.


The Allen Outlet Mall event is fodder for the Left’s nefarious, longstanding, power-enhancing, preexisting, gun-grabbing agenda. Conservatives will strive to protect, and explain the vital purpose and importance of, the Second Amendment, but the gun grabber caucus is emboldened by events like this.


Meanwhile, as Americans focus on these incidents, one million illegal aliens are now gathered below the southern border ready to flood into America on May 11th, this coming Thursday, as Title 42 ends. They will add to the already existing troops of (conservatively) over 5 million illegal aliens who have crossed America’s southern border with impunity under this administration, and who now live in places unknown all over America.


Everything about this border situation is avoidable, 100% preventable.


The border is being overrun because the Biden administration or more accurately the leftist cabal that actually runs everything in this country, not only is letting it happen, they WANT it to happen. 


It’s part of the plan. 


MORE on this on our show on Monday. 


Speak Truth About America.

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