Hello My Very Fine Friends,  


Stellar guests joined me this past week on ACWT!  I choose show guests carefully, because my mission is to make every show count, to always and only bring issues to the show that impact the preservation of America and its unique and extraordinary greatness. Through these guests, the story of where we are in America today is being told.


Dr. Simone Gold (health care freedom fighter and J6 defendant), John Strand (Dr. Gold’s bodyguard and J6 defendant soon to be sentenced), Rachel Perry (mom of wrongly convicted Texan and Army veteran Daniel Perry) and Lt Col Allen West (military veteran, former member of Congress and former Texas GOP Chair, author, prolific writer and speaker) were my guests this week.  I hope you’ll listen to each of these interviews, which are linked below.


This coming Monday May 29th is Memorial Day, and at the close of our Thursday show, Lt. Col. Allen West reminded the audience not to greet our friends with “Happy Memorial Day,” but to instead inspire others by urging them to Honor Memorial Day, remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in order to defend our country. Here in Texas the Dallas-Ft. Worth National Cemetery will host a Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday.  We joined in this event several years ago and it was both somber and deeply gratifying. I hope you can find a similarly meaningful event in your part of the country and the world.


Brave soldiers fought throughout our American history for our independence from England, to end slavery and bring about a more unified UNITED States of America, to fight against the rise of totalitarian regimes in WW1 & WW2, to stop the spread of communism in Vietnam and Korea, to resist Islamic jihadists, and to keep America strong, and to keep Americans safe and free. 


Families of these brave Americans learned and lived out the truth that when these soldiers do not ever come home again, they must move forward to raise and inspire the next generation of Americans. We Americans can never do enough to support these families learning to live without a beloved parent, brother or sister, son, or daughter.

To truly honor those who gave their lives for America, and their families, we must stand up against the threats facing America today. 


That includes fighting to preserve the rule of law (so J6 defendants get the same justice as the BLM and Antifa protesters), the free market system (so the “free everything for everyone” socialists and the out of control spenders and the CBDC government-controlled currency crowd are stopped in their tracks), free speech (so those censoring speech about election integrity and covid truth and anything else the leftists do not want us to talk about, are stopped)  freedom of religion (so religious objections to vaccines are honored and religious leaders can preach truth about biblical issues and open their churches when they want), sovereignty (so the US does not submit to globalism or the WHO and we begin again to enforce our borders)  the Bill of Rights, and much more. 


We face severe and imminent threats against America’s future of freedom, right here today, right now. Most of us are not called to take up arms, but we should feel called to pledge to take up the defense of the greatness and uniqueness of America, and to fight in the public square and in America’s political conversation, for the liberty upon which we were founded.  


Speak Truth About America.

Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 

I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!


Because America Matters,