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The Orwellian-style takedown of America is proceeding with full force under the current regime.


America’s Surgeon General Vivek Murthy announced this week that the federal government needs to take control of, meaning fund and direct,  all local social infrastructure in America such as housing, parks, libraries, recreation spaces, school, workspaces, public health systems, and much more, and make participation by local entities in this new federal takeover mandatory, because he has declared an “Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation.”  


He announced a six-part scheme to bludgeon America into compliance that includes controlling your town, your friends, public health products, policies and services, public health surveillance and interventions, centralized government control over the internet and technology, research efforts to understand the issue, mandating a culture of kindness and more. 

I cannot urge you strongly enough to read about this. (Link 
HERE). Orwell would be ashamed he didn’t think of this himself. 


This Surgeon General advisory is a vile and outrageous attack on privacy and freedom, being “sold” to the American public using the usual Marxist excuse for their tyranny — “we are just trying to help.” It is far outside the bounds of the right and constitutional role of government. It is flat out communistic in tone and mission. And one needs very little imagination to recognize how draconian a government could become given what we have all already observed about how DEI, forced pronoun usage, CRT, the trans agenda and other leftist farces are brutally enforced.


But the worst aspect of this latest abomination out of the Biden Regime, is that this an undeniable example of the Marxist mindset that is determined to eliminate the place of God and faith in the lives of citizens, to be replaced by faith in government as God. 


Pushing government-concocted and government-mandated control and orchestration of social interactions, civic institutions, communications, all of the normalcy of healthy human life etc., is a smackdown, a takedown, of the role of God and faith in America. For millennia people have found answers to problems of loneliness and isolation, as well as deeper human joy and happiness, and answers to the questions of identity and self-worth and purpose in life, the real and deep answers that actually heal and uplift people out of loneliness and isolation, via turning to God and to their faith communities. 


Among the reasons this Surgeon General advisory is not only offensive but actually absurd, is that government cannot really provide the answers to loneliness and isolation, cannot no matter how intrusively it behaves, force human love, warmth, acceptance, caring, compassion. Those qualities come from the hearts of humans, most notably those embracing and practicing their faith. 


We may well need to step up our efforts to love our neighbors more earnestly, faithfully, and deeply, and reach out more to those we know are lonely or isolated, but we must at the same time robustly reject the idea that the government has any role at all in orchestrating or controlling the human connections we all need.


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