Political Moonshine – Dear Liberals, Progressives and Democrats

Political Moonshine – Dear Liberals, Progressives and Democrats

We don’t know who writes under the name Political Moonshine, but in the aftermath of today’s Arizona audit hearing, s/he struck a helpful,  constructive tone.


Dear Liberals, Progressives & Democrats,

Please bear with me because I’m going to change your life and at the same time save us all with your help.

I’m doing this out of an internal sense of obligation and a debt of gratitude that I care to pay forward in this moment.

It’s as simple as this.

Back in the aftermath of 9/11 and as a non-thinking, straight ballot voting, rubber stamp Republican, the most Liberal, Progressive and flat-out socialist friend I had challenged me to examine the background of 9/11 and the entities that delivered it.

In other words, I was told to look at my own political party and so I did.

What I came to learn was that those who I trusted the most; in whom I had placed my vote, my voice, my future, my everything; were responsible for all of it and covered it up.

The result was an internal inferno for the truth that still burns bright and hot today.

What each and every one of you must individually reconcile and come to terms with is that you are now in the exact same position many of us found ourselves in that fateful post-9/11 era, which extends to the present.

Challenging ones own conventions and divorcing from ones own ascribed dogma is excruciatingly difficult but it’s the most difficult choices that deliver the most consequential outcomes.

So, in the spirit of being an American who loves this country and its people; and in a sense of gratitude for the service that someone once provided me from the other side and at a moment I most needed it, I ask you to look inward and then examine the reality of the status quo.

Your gut tells you something is wrong and those details are difficult but it’s a road that many of us have already traveled.

It’s your turn and hands are extended to lead you to the truth, which is already accessible.

Examine the evidence. Reach the only logical conclusions there are and then join the rest of us.

We’ve been waiting for you. We want our country back – for all of us – and we can’t do it without you.

The manufactured insanity and sown division is not by accident but rather it’s deliberate. They fear us in unification and our hand is extended exactly in that spirit – that and the spirit of the truth.

Admitting to being fooled and exploited by liars is difficult.

Continuing to align with a lie to safeguard the ego and perpetuate that lie is both easy and devastating – to everyone.

Soul searching is difficult but it delivers the realization that the same people who lied to us then are the same ones lying to us now.

It’s why this has nothing to do with 2-party politics, Republicans or Democrats and it’s why my hand is extended as an American and only an American.

See the truth. Shine a light on it for others. Eviscerate the party line and join the rest of us who only identify as Americans.

Then and together – united as Americans – we shall get our country back.

Know; however, that the sun is low on the horizon and time is of the essence.