Project Veritas – Staggering Implications

Project Veritas – Staggering Implications

From Candace Owens (although you can find the same links all over social media):

The Project Veritas video is nothing short of amazing.

Everyone please head over to youtube and watch it in its entirety.

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We’re still absorbing this news.  But at this writing, and if the documents cited in the video hold up as authentic, it is hard to overstate the implications for America and the world, and Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Bryan Ardis was interviewed on America Can We Talk last week (a riveting interview you can watch here); his jolting comments regarding Fauci’s endorsement of the medically documented-as-deadly drug remdesivir angered our studio audience and probably all of our listeners.  Ardis made clear that Fauci’s endorsement of remdesivir–including his concurrent denial of the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin–resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans who never received treatment that could have helped them recover, or who died after receiving prescriptions of remdesivir after clinical studies of the efficacy of that drug showed a 53% mortality rate among patients–i.e., death.  

Now add to the mix the Project Veritas video and related documents, which appear to rather directly imply or even flatly state: (1) NIH funded deadly gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab in direct and knowing contravention of US policy and in direct conflict with Fauci’s sworn testimony to the US Senate; and (2) since April 2020, the US Department of Defense and by implication the NIH and the entirety of ‘public health’ authorities have known that HCQ and ivermectin are ‘curative‘ as to covid.

The phrase ‘crimes against humanity’ is coming into focus.

Will the Deep State be able to protect Fauci and the entire NIH/CDC/FDA apparatus that has concealed all of this?  You can almost feel the tension in the uniparty ruling class; they don’t yet know what the Deep State wants them to say and do.  But while they’re waiting for instructions, millions of Americans are viewing the Project Veritas video, and their judgement is not bogged down by decades in the Swamp.

Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy’s personal note (cited in the video) is poignant; it’s in essence a simple and sincere call for ‘truth, justice and the American way’ to be applied to the entirety of official behavior relating to the pandemic.  The American people must demand that this call be answered, NOW.