Protests in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands – Pay Attention

Protests in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands – Pay Attention

This is big, and it is not far from coming to America.  Everyday people around the world have had enough of their out-of-control, out-of-touch, arrogant and defiant ruling classes.  If the protests in Germany bring real change–and they very well might–watch out.  American legacy media has no idea how close the US domestic pot is to boiling.

From Sundance at Conservative Treehouse:

This approach by the blue-collar and white-collar middle class is EXACTLY THE RIGHT APPROACH.   This is the way to bring the elite ruling class to their knees.  This is what they fear:

We are the workforce.

We are the backbone of industry, the people who keep it all functioning, the farmers, truckers, builders, diggers and blue-collar workforce that keeps everything functioning.

We are the people they will never fully control. We speak in languages they do not understand, and we absorb targeted ridicule as fuel.

We are the movers of goods, the truckers, the farmers, the nameless people behind the skilled trades that keep what they call American society moving.

We are the people who grow the food, pick the food, transport the food, stock the food, cook the food and facilitate the life they live.

We are a visible, yet disregarded, insurgent force within their sphere of life that is never considered, yet we control the outcomes of every moment they value.

We pick up the trash, answer the phones, run cables to their devices, mow their lawns, solve their problems, control the flow of essential services and keep our heads below the radar.

We are the majority.

We are a self-reliant, freedom loving, normally peaceful and God-fearing assembly.

We drive them to their destination; we are comfortably out of mind until needed, and yet we are irreplaceable for the things they require.

We are armed with gloves, tractors, trucks, tools, hammers, pens, rulers, mice, pickup trucks, laptops, post-it notes, stickers and alternate forms of messaging that circumvent the control mechanisms deployed to create our silence.

We are inside every facility, every institution, every meeting, every moment of their existence – and we notice everything.

We have eyes of mice and ears of elephants. We are there when they do not expect, and we melt away before they notice our appearance.

We are smart, strategic, highly intelligent and carry a brutally obvious and pragmatic common sense that finds optimal solutions to everything.

We identify our tribe immediately and without conversation.

We see what they hide, we hear what they whisper, we decipher their codes, and we understand the complexity they create in their effort to conceal.

We control the physical world that operates around every element of society, and we value real and tangible assets.

We do not sit around pontificating eloquently about philosophic nuances; we get shit done.

We are the people who facilitate their ability to take us for granted, and we do so without issue, resentment or desire for recognition.

We are optimistic, affable, kind, generous, friendly, loyal, warm and quietly spiritual in purpose.

We are polite, considerate and slow to anger.

We prefer to be left alone. However, pushed entirely far enough, decisions are reached. Right now, we are tenuously staring with deepened gaze.

We are increasingly pissed off…. Big Time!

In every town, village and hamlet we are encountering the same conversation. On every porch, in every shop, at every event, the topic is the same.

Support every effort that begins!