Rafael Cruz Endorses Debbie and “Ladies, Can We Talk?”

Rafael Cruz Endorses Debbie and “Ladies, Can We Talk?”

Ladies, Can we Talk? by Debora Georgatos is an outstanding book that everyone in America needs to read. And, it is not a book just for women. Men can learn a great deal from this book also!


Ms. Georgatos is a brilliant individual, with a very unique gift of being able to communicate the foundational concepts behind the policies that both political parties are promoting, in a very systematic and analytical manner, and yet easy to understand even for those who are neophytes in the political arena.


Her very successful career as a trial attorney and a political consultant allows her to masterfully look incisively beyond the political rhetoric, hype and emotional manipulation that politicians are using to push their agenda on the American people; and in a very clear manner expose the real motives behind the bills that are being promoted.


Debbie tackles the issues that are at the forefront of political debate today, and debunks the false premises, motives, and promises with which these issues are being presented to the unsuspecting public in order to entice them to support something that they would never support if they knew the truth.


She clearly describes two very different paths that the two political parties are leading us into, and the two dramatically different outcomes of following one or the other; in one case leading us into liberty, prosperity, self-fulfillment, and the opportunity to achieve your dreams; the other path leading us to enslavement, misery, dependency, and lifetime mediocrity.


Ms. Georgatos in many instances presents the facts through anecdotal stories that we can easily relate to, as well as making use of well documented research studies that often paint a very different picture of what politicians are trying to make us believe in order to promote their political agenda.


Armed with all this wealth of information, we as Americans can become engaged in the political discussion, and be effective catalysts in causing others to begin to think about the issues facing our nation today, not based on preconceived ideas or emotional manipulation, but rationally understanding the underpinnings of the different political agendas and the consequent outcomes of their implementation. This will give us the opportunity to be agents of change, in a positive direction, opening the eyes of many and causing them, by their own conclusion, to embrace the ideas of free markets, individual responsibility and self-reliance, and limited government, to understand the rich heritage that has made our Constitutional Republic the greatest nation on the face of the earth, and to fight to preserve it!

Rafael B. Cruz

You can find the Spanish version here.