Real Journalism on Russia, China and Ukraine

Real Journalism on Russia, China and Ukraine

The collapse of legacy media does not mean that the skillsets of honest, intelligent journalism no longer exist.  They just don’t exist at the legacy media.

The atomization of news-sourcing continues at hyper-speed, and the jewels among the new entrants eventually shine.  “Kanekoa the Great” is one such source (Sundance at Conservative Treehouse is another).

Consider Kanekoa’s post below, and you will start to understand dimensions of the Ukraine invasion that are far deeper and more serious than America’s clueless media are capable of grasping.   “SWIFT” and removing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency are terms that will come into focus.

Then take a look at Sundance’s post on a ‘global food war’, and you’ll understand even more.

The world situation is dark and growing darker by the day, but there is light starting to expose what’s really happening.

There is always time for good to triumph over evil.  Time to engage on the side of good.


Inflation, De-dollarization, and Russia’s Ultimate Goal for War in Ukraine