A Refresher on Free Market Rules; Can’t Miss Interview with Lt. Col. Allen West

A Refresher on Free Market Rules; Can’t Miss Interview with Lt. Col. Allen West

Listen to the first hour of our March 20th show, here.  Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the March 20th show, here.

First Fifteen


Debbie takes on the subjects of trade, tax policy, and job growth.  Americans need to understand that manufacturing jobs can disappear without regard to government policy.  The Chesapeake Bay Bridge was a tremendous advance for everyone in that area—except the steamboat industry.  Steamboat jobs were lost forever once the bridge opened.  But we don’t want government policy to ban bridges in order to keep steamboat jobs.  In 1870, 60%-70% of Americans worked in farming; less than 2% do now.  We don’t want government policy to return people to farming.


So—what do we do? NOT the ‘government-control-everything’ approaches of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Ted Cruz and to some degree Donald Trump have the right approach:  allow the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish by reducing regulations, lowering taxes and reinforcing a culture of reward for hard work.


Lt. Col. Allen West (U.S. Army, ret’d) joins Debbie in studio for a wide-ranging interview on national security issues, including force readiness, morale of the ‘warrior-class’, and rules of engagement.  A wealth of information:  a ‘must listen’!


In Debbie’s ‘cruise through the news’:  the US Senate needs to stay firm—no hearing on Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court; pediatricians have weighed in on transgender confusion, with a surprising conclusion as to what constitutes ‘child abuse’; the US House actually stops an addenda to the Obama/Boehner budget, due to pressure from the Heritage Action group.


One last item:  the Black Lives Matter movement meets the American Enterprise Institute—and a heavily researched story of the lives of responsible, educated black men in America is NOT what the left would lead you to believe.