Relentless Truth – ‘The TRUTH is truly a force of nature’

Relentless Truth – ‘The TRUTH is truly a force of nature’

We continue to be impressed by the wisdom that pops up on relatively uncensored media such as Telegram.

Under the authorship of ‘Relentless Truth‘, consider this message:

I’ve spoken about the 4-6% many times.

The 4-6% that are gone forever. The progressive left.

Although 5% of the US population is a relatively small number, it still equals 20 to 30 million people.

Leaving 300 million of us who are roughly on the same page whether we know it or not.

But the real question is WHY is the majority of the population oblivious to the fact that the progressive left is the extreme minority?

The answer should be obvious.


These entities purposely amplify the voices of the insane.

It doesn’t matter that they are outnumbered 20 to 1.

The algorithms and the network heads make damn sure that all Americans see day after day is how degenerated our society has become and how much “support” there is for CRT, LGBTQ, Black lives matter, Green energy, Ukraine, etc.

Smoke and mirrors.

Divide and conquer.

The Biden admin is a perfect example of this.

The man has had a 30% approval rating since last year, battles severe dementia, the Military ignores him and he doesn’t have access to the White House.

Yet the MSM and Big Tech have been able to convince the majority of this country that Joe is in control and still has plenty of support from his “base”.

A MASSIVE part of this entire scheme to fool Americans has been the progressive echo chamber known as Twitter.

Twitter has quite literally been a site mainly comprised of bots, algorithms and celebrities that are used to plant mental seeds and then reinforce those ideas with boatloads of fake support.

The average person sees that a thought from someone they admire has exploded with likes and will therefore be likely to adapt that line of thinking regardless of their true beliefs on the subject.

For many people it feels good to be part of the “majority”.

For others it’s important to support anything that goes against Conservative values or Donald Trump.

The election steal being nonsense, the J6 insurrection, Russiagate, Hunter’s laptop being Russian disinformation…

All of these false narratives were spread like wildfire on Twitter. Any dissenting opinion was banned.

For the past year, Twitter has essentially become a place for progressives to receive their daily marching orders on what to think and who to hate.

It’s a gigantic brainwashing mechanism that propagates the liberal agenda and produces a mirage of equalness between the two political parties that simply doesn’t exist.

The soul of America has not changed.

The United States has ALWAYS been overwhelmingly Conservative.

Cali[fornia] is RED.

Democrats don’t “win” elections.

However, the weapons these vile creatures use to stay in power are dropping left and right…

Left wing media outlets are dead.
Election rigging is exposed.
VOTER ID laws are being established.
People no longer follow the stars.
The liberal agenda is exposed.
We The People are rediscovering our true power.

Twitter truly was their last hope.

And now it’s gone…

The TRUTH is truly a force of nature.