Remember Cindy Sheehan? Meet Shana Chappell…

Remember Cindy Sheehan? Meet Shana Chappell…

Cindy Sheehan has quite the Wikepedia page; she was made by the US mainstream media into a paragon of moral rectitude in 2004 (and later) as she turned her grief at the loss of her son in the war in Iraq into an all-out protest of President George W. Bush.   She wanted impeachment of Bush, and she even ran for Congress against and to the left of Nancy Pelosi because Pelosi wouldn’t go for impeachment.

Her grief seemed sincere, and as an American, she had the right to free speech and the right to peaceably assemble to seek redress of grievances against a presidency she opposed.  She was hurting, and she stood up to say so and try to fix what she believed to be wrong.  Other Americans (probably most, at the time) disagreed with her, some vehemently, but her freedom to speak up was respected.

Well, meet Shana Chappell.  She’s also a grieving mother, having lost her son in the recent suicide bombing near the Kabul airport.  She’s not happy with President Biden, and she decided to speak up publicly in a manner Ms. Sheehan would surely understand.  But in 2021, Big Tech, in form of Facebook and Instagram (IG is owned by Facebook), have removed her public posts.

Can’t be allowed to speak against this president, apparently.

This is not ok.  This is not American.  This is why this recent poster showed up in London:

Stated more accurately, your soul is telling you nothing is right about any of this.  “This” will not stand.