REPRINT from 2014: “Only One Fundamental Transformation: Easter”

REPRINT from 2014: “Only One Fundamental Transformation: Easter”

Eric Georgatos blogged under the pseudonym Paul Gable at “Brushfires of Freedom” from 2007-2016; this post is reprinted from April 18, 2014.

More than a few observers were extremely anxious about President Barack Obama, not because of the color of his skin, but because of the radical, anti-American leftism that characterized his worldview.  America in 2020 is still paying the price for not having discerned who Obama was and is.  He used the eight years of his presidency to populate the entire federal government with leftists more or less just like him–and they have been undermining America ever since.


Reprinted from April 2014

Many Americans now wince at their increasing understanding of just what Barack Obama meant when he spoke just prior to his 2008 election of being just days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

Obama’s worldview is hard core anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-American, and his idea of transformation is to remove God, Christianity, and the spirit of American exceptionalism from the American culture.  This is plain to anyone with an ounce of depth and discernment.

What Obama and his regime do not grasp is that there has been and will be only one fundamental transformation of the human condition, and that sprang from the series of events culminating in what Christians celebrate this month:  Easter.

This transformation is forever ongoing—and its direction and result are always toward greater individual liberty relative to the domination or control of other men or of matter itself—and it will not be reversed.

The determination in some thought-currents that the power and meaning of Jesus’ life, teachings, crucifixion and resurrection shall be reversed is as old as Easter.  In fact, the crucifixion portion of the story is re-enacted just about every time any leader—and in particular any American leader—steps up to proclaim the preeminent power and goodness of God, the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that are endowed by God, and the chain of divine Providence that led to the creation of America as one nation under God.

We are witnessing at Easter-time 2014 an all-out crucifixion mindset on the part of the Obama regime and the godless mainstream media.

Obama is allowing America’s Christian ideal of freedom to run from Putin’s naked aggression; Obamacare seeks to deny individual freedom on all matters involving or defining health; the IRS and DOJ are seeking to criminalize the actions of groups who stand up for America’s Christian ideals (they are called conservatives); the Muslim jihad against America and Christianity is being encouraged and facilitated; the traditional family is being sabotaged by the relentless trumpeting of the LGBT agenda; abortion and free birth control are at the frontlines of the effort to define everyone, and particularly women, as not much more than sexual, sensual animals without a spiritual, aspirational compass; and those leading the relentless attack on the 2nd Amendment have only one real purpose, and that is to take away the individual’s ability to fight against the tyranny of modern Herods.

So America is facing a crucifixion mindset, and Americans are feeling unprecedented levels of angst and fear and frustration at the prospect of being collectively, figuratively, nailed to the cross by a petty, vengeful, hateful and destructive cabal.  Or, pretty much what the disciples and other followers of Jesus must have felt as they watched the arrest and trial and conviction and crucifixion take place.

In Jesus day, his followers, those who truly knew him and had been with him during his ministry, had to wonder—what on earth are the rulers thinking?  Why do they so hate Jesus—who by all accounts lived a life of loving his neighbor, healing the sick, and raising the dead?

Americans who truly know America’s place in human history, and know the truth of its goodness and generosity, and the uniqueness of its benign exercise of power over the two-plus centuries of her existence, also wonder—what on earth is this Obama regime doing?  What drives people like Obama, Holder, Clinton, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Cuomo, de Blasio to so hate America and do everything in their power—including relentless lying to the people—to destroy the country?

Jesus voiced the only answer, then and now:  “they know not what they do”.

Easter in 2014 can remind Americans that Jesus’ enemies—who knew not what they were doing—prevailed, but only temporarily.  They achieved what they thought was the final destruction of this God-idea stuff by nailing him to the cross and eventually putting him in a tomb blocked by a stone.

Didn’t work.  The enemies could not kill what Jesus represented; he represented a power beyond the reach of kings and courts, and a life, or vitality, that could not be snuffed out.  The enemies of today cannot kill what America represents to the world; America’s founding ideals spring from that same power and have that same vitality.

Things got pretty dark and despairing in that window of time between the crucifixion and the resurrection, and things are looking very dark and despairing in America as the Obama regime continues to execute on its agenda.  But a resurrection is coming.  It’s an inevitable by-product of the one and only fundamental transformation that has ever taken place or is ever going to take place.

Happy Easter!


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