Requiem for an Insurrection…and for Trust in the FBI/DOJ

Requiem for an Insurrection…and for Trust in the FBI/DOJ

Kind of a good news/bad news story…

The good news is that a judge denied the DOJ’s efforts to block public disclosure of certain surveillance videos taken at the Capitol on January 6th.  The DOJ professed concern about public disclosure of these entry points as endangering Capitol Hill security; but skeptics have long-maintained that the DOJ doesn’t want to disclose the surveillance videos because they will put the lie to the ‘worse-than-9/11’, ‘worse-than-Pearl-Harbor’ MSM/leftist narrative about January 6th.

A few videos were released.

The skeptics were right.

Watch the videos embedded in the Buzzfeed article linked here.  Looks like a mild version of a Black Friday shopping event with a bunch of people carrying American flags, or maybe an especially excited tour group entering a museum exhibit.  But violent insurrectionA serious threat to the ‘citadel of democracy’?  Really?

These videos were apparently part of the ‘evidence’ justifying charges against at least one person.  And what were the charges against this ‘insurrectionist’?  Misdemeanor charges for ‘illegally parading, demonstrating or picketing’ in the Capitol.  Nothing alleging violence; nothing alleging any threat or damage to person or property; nothing rising to the level of a felony.

Or as Candace Owens put it:  ‘As you can see it was EXACTLY like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor and the media and Democrats were not at all lying to smear Trump and his supporters.’ 

The bad news?

The article in Buzzfeed–a left-wing publication–shows the level of cognitive dissonance still afflicting so many Americans.

The writer is so locked on to the correctness of the violent insurrection narrative that she continues to refer to the people in the video as ‘rioters’ and the activity depicted as storming the Capitol, even though she and anyone else with eyes and common sense can see that this was not a riot, and the soldiers who actually stormed the beaches at Normandy on D-Day resemble in exactly no way the selfie/video shooting crowd at the Capitol.  But the truth just doesn’t register with her.  She still sees what she believes.

Plenty of commentators have noted the Gretchen Whitmer ‘kidnap’ plot was pure FBI setup, even coupled with a protest at the Michigan capitol as a supposed dry run for January 6th.  The September 18th protest against the treatment of the January 6th political prisoners has now been pretty well exposed as another FBI setup.  And now, with the release of just a few January 6th surveillance videos that the DOJ sought to deny the public (they are still denying public access to the vast majority of the videos), the lingering smell of another FBI setup has gotten more pungent.

January 6th was a lot of things, and may have involved some loopy and even irresponsible behavior by a few people who were not being goaded on or otherwise entrapped by undercover law enforcement personnel .   But it was not an armed or otherwise violent insurrection.  The videos speak for themselves. (And curiously, there is no audio.  Maybe that’s just a limitation of the surveillance system.  Or maybe the audio was removed because the relative peacefulness of the tour group would undercut the insurrection narrative even more.)

Public trust in the honesty and integrity of the FBI and DOJ is approaching zero, and Buzzfeed, of all media outlets, is showing why.  (Don’t be surprised if Buzzfeed takes down the article.)