Riots and Lies—Will Enough Americans Wake Up in Time?

  • The Russia collusion investigation was not about Donald Trump colluding with Russians to steal an election. There was no collusion. There was no Russian hack of DNC computers. There was no hint of a crime committed by Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. All of those were lies, frauds, stories made up by leftists in the Obama administration and the MSM in pursuit of their agenda to get rid of an unexpected obstacle to their plans to fundamentally transform America.


  • The Las Vegas mass shooting was not about the actions of a lone deranged wolf with an unknown agenda. That is a lie, a fraud, a cover for the truth that those in authority have decided is too explosive for the American people to know. What is that truth? We don’t claim to know for sure, but we do know (1) Barack Obama and Eric Holder were willing to lie and did lie about running guns to Mexican drug cartels in furtherance of a scheme to cut back on Americans’ Second Amendment rights; and (2) Obama was also willing to lie and did lie about the threat of Islamism to America in both the Benghazi debacle and the Iranian JCPOA.


  • The impeachment of President Donald Trump was not about any malfeasance by Donald Trump regarding an investigation of the Obama administration’s dealings with Ukraine. That was a lie, a fraud, a story made up by holdover leftists in the Deep State and in Congress, seeking to divert attention from the explicit corruption of leftists Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden while attempting to remove Trump from office.


  • The pandemic lockdown was not about protecting public health. That was a lie, a fraud; there was no ‘science’ matching the lockdown and other limitations to proof of efficacy in containing the coronavirus. And there is no science proving the lockdown had any ameliorative effect on spread of the disease.


Further as to the pandemic, Anthony Fauci is a bizarre Hillary sycophant/leftist; he and Deborah Birx effectively caused the collapse of the American economy over the lethality predictions of a bogus pandemic ‘model’; and Fauci’s ‘expert’ medical advice throughout the pandemic has been anything but consistent—except insofar as it always, inevitably ends with ‘the only answer is a vaccine’. Fauci has an agenda that is about using public health ‘crises’ for social engineering; it is an agenda based on a worldview, not on science. It is an agenda where lies can masquerade as expert opinions.

The rollout of the fear pandemic looks more and more like a rehearsed, scripted mental manipulation scheme with leftist intelligence operatives’ fingerprints all over it.


  • The riots are not about an incident in Minneapolis. The incident in Minneapolis triggered riots that were already well-planned in leftist states and cities throughout the country. The riots are not about helping to heal racism or correct policing methods; they are about the destruction and fundamental transformation of America.


  • And about that incident in Minneapolis: how well did the officer and Floyd know each other? When is the last time they talked or emailed or texted? What was the full range of business activity—legal and illegal—at the ‘club’ for which they worked providing security? Who is involved in the ownership of the club? Was the US government ever involved in the operation or use of that club for law enforcement purposes? What is the full explanation for the start to finish behavior of all officers involved in the treatment of George Floyd on the fateful day he tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill and someone called the police?


Americans have been lied to so egregiously over the past three years by those in authority that there is no trust in any answers provided so far as to the Minneapolis incident (there is no evidence these questions are even being asked and answers vigorously pursued). About the only thing that is clear is that the police treatment of George Floyd was so wrong, so over the top, so malignant, so repugnant to decent men and women everywhere—and so perfectly captured on video—as to be the perfect trigger to rage, and the perfect bridge to riots. Also it appears to be perfectly timed to kill the uptick of a rebounding, reopening economy. So perfect in so many ways that fit with the leftist agenda; is it possible that’s because it was designed to be that way?

Not too long ago, no one would even think that such an incident could be orchestrated, much less orchestrated in a way that involves American ‘authorities’ of some kind. Now—it’s impossible NOT to wonder. Because if there is anything John Brennan and James Comey and others have made clear is that there is nothing these people would NOT do in furtherance of getting rid of Trump. No lie too bold to tell to Congress, to a court or to the American people; no framing efforts too brazen to try; no life that could not be made expendable if necessary to protect themselves and/or pursue their mission. Ever heard of Seth Rich?


All of these ‘events’ of the past three years were and are purposeful; and they are ultimately about destroying America. The events are means to that end. In the past, the primary means were bullets and bombs, and the enemies wore uniforms. Prior to 2016, the means were leftist political sophistry engineering a gradual erosion of American freedom, designed to keep Americans numb or asleep in a sort of ‘boiling the frogs’ program—where the frog in the pot doesn’t notice the gradually heating water until it has reached boiling…and the frog is dead.

Today the means are outright mental manipulation; sophisticated psy-ops designed to cause Americans to lose faith in their country, to doubt their own goodness and decency; to turn against each other in a whipped-up rage that has no goal or object except violence, destruction and division.

Even more to the point, destroying America means destroying the American constitutional republic, which is grounded in the very basic but historically revolutionary notion that life itself should be organized around individual freedom and responsibility under God.

From King Herod to Karl Marx to Joseph Stalin to Mao Zedong to George Soros, there has always been a current of thought that hates God and hates freedom for the individual. It is a zero sum, dust-to-dust, men and women-as-masses-of-programmable-carbon-units worldview that eliminates faith, hope and spiritual inspiration as baseless delusions. Instead, some sort of ‘rationality’ devoid of God is to govern via the rule of men. With enough power, and control of all the guns, these ruling men will make things right in society, or else. Those delusionary people of faith, and even those people of no faith but who happen to love freedom, are to be wiped out.

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 threw an unexpected and surprisingly tough and resilient monkey wrench into all fundamental transformation plans, and ever since, dark ugly anti-American forces have been both panicked and determined to put an end to the Presidency of Donald Trump and the MAGA spirit that was just waiting to be ignited when Trump came along with a match.

Will all the lies work? Or will enough American people wake up in time?

We’re going to find out.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?