Roger Goodell Had Better Wake Up

Roger Goodell Had Better Wake Up

Scan the sports headlines, and it’s not hard to see that the NFL and college football are increasingly in the crosshairs of the radical left’s bid to take down America through covid.

And if recent history is any indication, Roger Goodell will soon fall all over himself to show that the NFL and he should be patted on the back by Dr. Fauci and the rest of the ruling class elites, and in step with the leftist trends they all (wrongly) believe to be sweeping America.

As cases! and players testing positive! and practice cancellations and game postponements proliferate, Goodell will likely be pressured to pronounce his increasingly grave concern for the health of his players and the fans and, in view  of the complex interactions required to practice and play the sport, will reluctantly but graciously and ‘courageously’ step up to cancel the rest of the season (playoffs and Super Bowl).

If he did so, he would likely be assuming his ‘responsible behavior’ would be lauded by all the right people, and that the NFL could rise anew in 2021 after all the players and fans are vaccinated (and fans are officially and approvingly—by the ruling class elite—banned from future games absent proof of vaccination).

Those would be the assumptions of someone who has no clue what the radical left is doing in and to America in 2020, nor any idea of what the sport he represents is up against.

Football has always been reviled by the left.  It is quintessentially American—invented in this country; played by high-testosterone, masculine men; and operates almost entirely as a super-competitive meritocracy—i.e., the test of whether someone gets to play in the NFL is whether they can play, and play better than the other guy.  In the NFL in 2020, there’s no time to humor racism or any other ‘ism’ in fielding a winning team; there’s only the all-defining imperative priority to put the best players on the field and ‘coach ‘em up’ to play the game well.

All of those attributes of the sport are precisely why it has been so popular in America; it has been aligned with American cultural norms and preferences for decades.  The sport’s popularity is in fact proof that America as a whole is not racist—systemically or otherwise.  Americans don’t root for their team or watch the NFL in huge numbers based on a team’s compliance with racial hiring quotas; they root and watch because they appreciate the best playing the best using talents that most of us don’t have, and deciding on a level playing field who wins a competitive game and who loses.

That’s the essence of free people—players and fans and owners and broadcasters and advertisers–enjoying free markets.  And that’s what the left hates.

The cancellation of the remainder of this season would likely be just a starting point for the left.  Fauci has already declared the world to be in a new era of pandemics.  He’s already said he understands the spirit of independence among Americans, but that ‘now is the time to do what you’re told’.  And if covid is serious enough to ban singing as a devastatingly dangerous activity, surely every competitive football play in practice or in a game—with large bodies in close proximity and colliding and piling up—is much more dangerous.

Dr. Fauci would no doubt express his compassion for football and its fans, but he alone can determine what constitutes ‘following the science’ and they will just have to do what he tells them to do.  And he’ll likely tell them he has no choice but to strongly recommend ending the sport.  By then it will be too late for the NFL.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Mr. Goodell could push back now, and if he did, he’d be doing great things, not only for the NFL, but for America.

Take a look at this video from a Las Vegas Raider player.  And here’s a tip:  the evidence this player exposed as to the fraud and manipulation at the heart of covid testing is not random or anecdotal.  It’s everywhere.  (A court in Europe recently found that the evidence indicated PCR testing is reliable in about 3% of the cases—meaning the tests are unreliable 97% of the time.  But America’s media ignores this decision.)

Then take a look at this article about the former Chief Science Officer of Pfizer—one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and manufacturer of one of the soon-to-be-released covid vaccines—in which he said (in a video subsequently taken down from YouTube) ‘the pandemic is over’.

Then read up a thorough and thoughtful analysis of covid by M.D. and Ph.D. Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University.  He is one of the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration regarding covid—signed by 43,000 physicians but ignored or scoffed at by the media.  If Goodell takes nothing else from Dr. Bhattacharya’s remarks, he should at least understand that covid is not and never has been a mortal threat or even a serious threat to the health of NFL athletes.  The NFL has played through decades of flu seasons; there is nothing in the covid data–i.e., the covid ‘science’—to suggest it can’t play through this one.

These links probably aren’t to be found among any of the ruling class-approved sources of news and information.  (And they soon may not be found at all, if Big Tech’s censorship techniques are comprehensive enough).  But at some point, away from the camera lights and the NYC leftwing bubble, and in the privacy of his own home, Mr. Goodell should ask himself—why do people in the MSM and Big Tech companies take down such videos and suppress such information?

There’s only one answer to that question, and it is not that they are following science.  They are following a radical left political agenda, and that political agenda will include the end of football.

The legends of the NFL are known for toughness.  In 2020 and inside America’s mainstream media bubble, calling ‘BS’ on covid tyranny requires the ability to see it for what it is, and the toughness to say so.  Here’s hoping Mr. Goodell wakes up to what is happening, and has the toughness it takes to stop it.

Eric Georgatos is a football fan; he blogs at America Can We Talk?

Thanks to American Thinker for posting this (retitled and edited) December 1, 2020!