Roger L. Simon – What Now for the Men and Women Without a Country?

Roger L. Simon – What Now for the Men and Women Without a Country?

Roger Simon has long been a thoughtful voice of conscience…open-minded, a former Hollywood liberal, a deep-thinking observer of life.  He’s captured the feelings of millions of Americans in his recent post at Epoch Times, reproduced below.


What Now for the Men and Women Without a Country?



I woke up this morning feeling as if I were a man without a country.

The place where I was born no longer existed.

It’s been that way for some time but now is approaching the point of no return.

I imagine that many others, millions, are feeling that way now that Donald Trump has been indicted for a second time, with a third very much in the wings.

It’s not that I love Trump so much. I respect what he has done but on occasion have cringed. He’s human, like the rest of us.

It’s just that the actions against him are so beyond rationality, so built on rage, conscious and unconscious, that they have obliterated the most noble governmental experiment in human history—the United States of America.

My friend Tucker Carlson puts the blame on Trump’s comments about the Iraq War. The 45th president had the temerity to say it was a mistake, that it “destabilized” the Middle East and created more problems (deaths) than it solved.

Those remarks threatened the establishment, dependent on what we used to call the military–industrial complex, to a degree they could no longer countenance him.


But I don’t think that was enough to engender a reaction to Trump that’s so excessive that even the late, lamented Fox News is running a chyron as direct as “Wannabe Dictator Speaks at the White House After Having His Political Rival Arrested.”

And in any case, Trump was always somewhat inconsistent in his reactions to the Iraq conflagration.

I think the problem runs deeper than merely a misbegotten war. The potential for reelection of the 45th president threatens everything about the “progressivism” that has dominated our politics since Woodrow Wilson was in office, with only the relatively short interregnum of Ronald Reagan’s terms.

The unelected deep state has become increasingly entrenched to the extent that it controls virtually every aspect of our lives and employs who knows how many people not only inside the Beltway but also in all 50 states.

We now live in a society that’s more socialistic, astonishingly, than Western Europe, where the metastasizing transgender epidemic, at least, is looked upon askance. They think we’ve gone crazy on gender dysphoria—and we have. For them, this iteration of Marxism is finally too much.

As recently as a few years ago, all this was unimaginable.

COVID-19 cemented the situation.

So it’s more than just the Iraq War. It’s, in a word, everything.

What then do we men and women without a country do?

In a June 13 op-ed, the New York Post’s estimable Michael Goodwin wrote:

“Watching the Tuesday circus in Miami and listening to media poohbah pronouncements about the gravity of the moment, I recalled a conversation with a friend about the indictment of Donald Trump.

“He repeated a phrase he had heard recently: ‘We’re not voting our way out of this.’

“‘This,’ of course, is a reference to the great divide tearing America apart, and Exhibit A is a Democratic president’s willingness to use the Department of Justice as a weapon against his leading Republican rival.”

Of course, we should try to “vote our way out of this,” but what if that friend of Goodwin’s is correct? What if things are too far gone, the system too corrupt, for that to work?

The choices are grim.

In the old days—during the Vietnam War—we knew many who fled to Canada. Nothing could seem more ridiculous now.

If I were looking for a safe haven these days, I would choose Eastern Europe, where the agony of life under communism is well known to the populace and their governments act accordingly. Few of us, however, speak Estonian, and many of us are too old to learn.

Moreover, everyone, Eastern Europe included, is dependent on us. As we go, so goes the planet. A future somewhere between communist China and the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be the fate of all humans.

Personal agency will have been the lifestyle of some ancient civilization.

In my interviews with Vivek Ramaswamy, the presidential candidate has spoken of the sacrifices we will have to make to decouple from communist China.

Difficult as that is, we will have to decouple from more than that. The sacrifices will be even greater.

Every patriotic citizen must put his or her personal ambitions aside now—or at the very least push them far to the rear—and focus their efforts on bringing back our constitutional republic.

The good news—in fact, the great news—is that in doing this, you will become happier perhaps than you have ever been.

You will be living an authentic life.

We can rewrite WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab’s “You will have nothing, and you will be happy” as “You will have yourself, and you will be happy.”

Go for it.