Rudy’s Remarks: It Depends on what the meaning of “America” is

Rudy’s Remarks: It Depends on what the meaning of “America” is




Americans’ reactions to Rudy Giuliani’s now famous remark that President Obama does not love America range from indignation and outrage to “you just now figured this out?”


The answer to the question that convulsed the nation last week — “Does Obama love America?” — is that it depends on what the meaning of the word “America” is.


President Obama may love the natural beauty of the country’s national parks, mountains, beaches, etc. He most certainly loves the accouterments of his power; Air Force One, the White House, his pen and his phone, Secret Service protection for an endless series of vacations and golf outings, and personal servants waiting on his, Michelle’s and his daughters’ every need.


But America isn’t geography, presidential perks, or even a series of historical events beginning in 1776.


America is an idea rooted in God-given liberty and equality of rights, freedom and free markets, the hearty can-do American spirit springing out of personal responsibility and individual liberty, limited government and the rule of law. Liberty is a rejection of the idea of government controlling every aspect of our lives.   It is about agreeing that each of us is free to pursue our version of happiness and success, using our God-given gifts, in the manner we choose, so long as without harm to others.


These very American ideals are what President Obama does not love.


America’s founders eviscerated the concept of a ruling class or royalty at the head of this country. They created the Constitution with separation of powers and the rule of law, to protect against tyranny.


President Obama has repeatedly rejected the separation of powers and asserted increasingly tyrannical use of his pen and phone to force into “law” his chosen rules and edicts that the People’s House would not pass. He does not love (in fact he clearly loathes) the limits on executive power the Constitution spells out.


America historically embraced individual freedom and personal responsibility that resulted in a free people under free markets producing the legendary can-do American work ethic, and hearty self-reliance.


President Obama does not love the idea of inspiring and growing the legendary can-do American spirit; he cultivates and expands reliance on government programs and handouts among the most vulnerable among us, which fosters helplessness and crushes hope, and embeds dependency on him and his party.


America’s de facto motto “E pluribus unum,” the Latin phrase emblazoned on our nation’s Great Seal means “Out of many, one.” That motto is a permanent ax to the root of the idea of any ethnicity or race defining America. It is the whole melting pot idea; a country formed around ideas not ethnicities.


President Obama’s relentless divisions of society into every dichotomy imaginable are a monumental rejection of E pluribus unum. His policies and rhetoric taunt the successful and provoke to covetousness those still making their way. His insistence that every minority group is still the victim of unspoken insidious hidden racism destabilizes. He seeds and feeds suspicion and distrust instead of working to unify.


America’s prosperity grew out of free markets, the basic building block of America’s unparalleled success and abundance. Socialism/communism were known throughout the 20th century as the enemy of liberty and the breeder of misery.


President Obama sings the song of socialism more freely than any President before him. From the overt repetition of the soft-socialist “social justice” and “fair share” rhetoric, to the more direct “spreading wealth around” statements, to the slow crushing via growing taxes and regulations of the virtue of reward tied to hard work, Obama is telling us he does not love free markets or the idea of reward for achievement, both fundamental building blocks of America’s greatness.


Obama does not love limited government, the virtue of self-reliance, unity around American ideals instead of race and ethnicity, or free markets. His actions tell us this is true.


He does love increasing federal government control over more and more of American life; from the national takeover of the healthcare system, to the destruction of the energy industry (Keystone just one part of that), to the top down tightening control over public education, and now the FCC’s takeover of the internet.


This is why, despite the media convulsions and apology demanding, less than half of America thinks that the current Commander in Chief loves America.


If a man tells you he loves you but he wants to fundamentally transform your ideals and your identity, and he undermines all that made you strong and good, he doesn’t love you.