Ruling Class, Here’s Your Warning

Ruling Class, Here’s Your Warning

History will not be kind to the participants in the impeachment fraud

[Thanks to American Thinker for posting this Nov. 16, 2019]

“Sundance” at the popular website “Conservative Treehouse” has posited that the ruling class plan that Americans are about to watch unfold inside the Beltway basically involves a three step process:  (1) the House votes for impeachment, (2) the Senate holds a 6-8 week trial and votes to convict and remove the President, and (3) Vice President Pence becomes President, and Nikki Haley, fresh off a scripted book tour plan to increase her visibility and acceptability, gets the appointment to serve as Vice President. 

The troublesome Trump will be done away with, order under the rule of men will be restored, and the Vindman’s of DC can resume their rightful place as the determiners of American government policy, foreign and domestic.  Enough ‘Republicans’ will be bought off by Pence’s seeming conservatism and Haley’s professed loyalty to Trump (at least as compared to John Kelly and Rex Tillerson) to quell any resistance from the knuckle-dragging far right.

Sundance has a pretty good record of reading the political tea leaves in this coup era, so it’s pretty jolting to get his read in such explicit terms. 

If Sundance is right as to the plan, we’d like to interject right now a blunt warning to the ruling class elite from both parties who might lend their support, or withhold their resistance, to such a plan:  borrowing from the truly impactful words once uttered by Bush 41—“this will not stand.”

The ruling class has swallowed the lies that the Beltway and its Pravda media and its Big Tech allies control the news cycle; that Lawfare sophists can control the definition of fairness, due process and justice; that a controlling majority of Americans think history began the day before yesterday, and accordingly will accept their plan with a shrug of the shoulders and go back to their meaningless, uninspired, disengaged lives.  Sure, a few might feel more than a shrug of the shoulders, and some may cling to their guns and Bibles and offer those silly ‘thoughts and prayers’, but in the end, they can be counted on to move on.

Ain’t gonna happen.

We’ve previously chronicled the accumulating resentments from the Obama regime that elected Donald Trump to the Presidency.  The fire stoked by those resentments has not subsided, and Coup #1, the Russia Collusion fraud, and Coup #2, the Ciarmella/Pajama Boy whistleblower fraud, have thrown the highest-octane gasoline imaginable on that fire.  The ruling class has no idea how hot and nationwide that fire is.

Adam Schiff apparently has enough Pravda sycophants around him to make him think his orchestrated show trial is winning hearts and minds across the country.  He is out of his mind. 

Secret testimony, selective leaking, manipulatively edited transcripts, posturing about the non-existent sacredness of whistleblower anonymity (after an Obama administration that terrorized whistleblowers), and all the while whistling past the manifest corruption of the Biden family as if Americans can’t see it—Schiff’s fraud has exceeded the capacity of the English language to convey its depravity and moral bankruptcy.  “Disgusting, disgraceful, egregious, unconscionable, abominable”—these are level 2 or 3 words for a level 10 travesty.

So what will it mean to say “this will not stand”? 

There are lots of possibilities, but we’ll leave that to a future post.  For now, it important to understand why it won’t stand.

There’s a spirit and power in American ideals that cannot long be mocked by men and women, no matter how credentialed or clever they might be. 

And here’s a word—which seems to be to the ruling class like garlic to a vampire—that explains the spirit and power of these ideals:  they are divine.  You may fight against them if you want, and your fight may cause catastrophe for awhile, but you will not win.  Slavery couldn’t possibly be reconciled with American ideals, and America’s first Civil War stands as the forever example of what happens when the ruling classes try to deny or sidestep or outrun or overrule these divine ideals

We most often speak of these ideals in the vernacular of the Declaration of Independence—all men (and women) created equal; all endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights, including the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  But here’s a formulation of one of those divine ideals in different terms:  it is the right of we the people to ‘self-government under God’. 

The individual, as Ayn Rand put it, is the smallest minority on earth, and in America, the individual is sovereign, free.  The government doesn’t exist to rule him; he governs himself, and the government’s job is to protect his right to do so.  He doesn’t stand still to a tyrannical mob telling him what he can do with his life, how much of what he earns he can keep, what his carbon footprint can be, what his food and drink shall be, what temperature his thermostat can be set to, what and where and from whom he shall obtain healthcare.  He owes faithfulness and obedience to the God of the Bible, to live as best he can in accord with the ideal of loving his neighbor as himself, but he doesn’t need legislators to tell him how to do that.  He has a thing called ‘conscience’ for that.

And he sure as hell doesn’t stand still to have King George in the 1700’s or the Deep State in the 2000’s tell him who the President of the United States of America can or cannot be. 

Whether most Americans would articulate this ideal in exactly the same way articulated in this post is irrelevant; they feel it in the same way, and they know it is fundamentally at risk in 2019.  They are smarter than the ruling class believes; they know no matter how loudly Pravda screams to the contrary, this war in 2019 is not about the icky personality of Donald Trump.  It’s about the future of a divinely inspired idea called America.  Taking down Trump is a proxy for taking down America; it’s about taking down the idea of individual freedom and self-government; ultimately, it’s about taking down the idea of God.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Ruling class, you’ve been warned.

Eric Georgatos