Sam Faddis – Biden’s End Game, the Destruction of America

Sam Faddis – Biden’s End Game, the Destruction of America

Sam Faddis, whether intended or not, has driven home a key point in his latest post:  “Biden’s End Game, Kensington, Pennsylvania”.  America can only be saved and restored when enough sentient American adults finally recognize–and rise up and insist on the removal of–the abject criminality and treasonous agenda of the Biden presidency–a presidency that was, is and always will be a fraud…an illegitimate installation of a leftwing regime to thwart the will of the American people and carry out the long held leftist dream to take down a nation built upon the Christian faith and worldview.

Does Faddis say all that in his post?  No, but he highlights yet another simple but brutal example of Biden administration behavior (in Faddis’ home state of Pennsylvania) that has no earthly connection to anything right or good or decent.  It is instead a form of malicious neglect intended to harm this country and its people.

Recognizing the nature of the problem is always the essential first step to solving or overcoming it.


Biden’s End Game? – Kensington, Philadelphia