Sam Faddis – Joe Prepares to Surrender to Beijing

Sam Faddis – Joe Prepares to Surrender to Beijing

The potential surrender of American sovereignty to the WHO has been a hot topic at America, Can We Talk?  Watch this interview with national security expert Frank Gaffney for a thorough and informative discussion.  Now our friend and former CIA operative Sam Faddis addresses the subject based on his long-held perspective that Joe Biden is a controlled asset of the CCP.

What is being described is a treaty that ought to be subject to the constitutional requirement of Senate ratification by two-thirds of the Senators.  But that would never happen, so the Biden cabal’s answer is to lie and call it something else.  Call your US Senator and tell him or her to STOP this insanity.

Sam Faddis is pretty clear in his belief that America is at war from within, but with the CCP standing by to take over without firing a shot.  How is he wrong?


Joe Prepares To Surrender To Beijing