Sam Faddis – The Chinese Dragon Prepares to Swallow Taiwan

Sam Faddis – The Chinese Dragon Prepares to Swallow Taiwan

It is astonishing and outrageous that America’s legacy media simply refuse to cover the imminent global danger represented by the CCP’s apparent shortening fuse for blockading and taking over Taiwan.  The CCP has apparently bought off all such media, similar to the way they have bought off the US Presidency in the form of the completely compromised Joe Biden and family.

But the ripple effects and ramifications of the CCP’s action are not going to be forever ignorable.  The absence of legacy media coverage and concern will not stop the global and national impact.  Very simply, coerced submission to communist tyranny is catastrophic to humanity; history offers no exceptions to this rule.

The 2020 US election was stolen, Biden was installed, the DOJ, FBI and DoD are not just compromised away from defending the Constitution but are completely compromised away from even common decency and virtue…and the world and America have been descending into hell on earth at an accelerating pace.

Tyranny and evil will not prevail.   The manner of their defeat in the environment of 2023 is not yet clear.  But what is clear is that voices like Sam Faddis still exist, are clear and unflinching in sounding the right warning.

A critical mass of awakened people is essential to the defeat of evil and tyranny, and Sam Faddis is doing his part to provide the awakening.  Read his latest post below.


The Chinese Dragon Prepares To Swallow Taiwan