Sam Faddis – The FBI has Crossed the Rubicon

Sam Faddis – The FBI has Crossed the Rubicon

We’d guess there are a lot more people who’ve heard the expression ‘crossing the Rubicon‘ than actually understand the historical origin and meaning of it.

Sam Faddislatest Substack post has delivered the meaning…and the parallel could not be more serious than as currently applied to the FBI.

The FBI must be dismantled, and soon, for the sake of all Americans who value living in a free society.  The danger is that severe; and the damage is growing every day the FBI is allowed to continue to operate.

Historians will sort out who bears most responsibility for how out-of-control the FBI has become.  The priority now is for it to be unconditionally shut down.

What does your favorite presidential candidate say he or she will do about this stark reality?


The FBI Has Crossed the Rubicon