Sam Faddis – Walmart Is Today’s Economic Canary In The Coal Mine

Sam Faddis – Walmart Is Today’s Economic Canary In The Coal Mine

The American media long ago embraced a liberty to lie, and Americans have been living with the chaos that inevitably ensues ever since.  Cognitive dissonance among Americans is one dimension of this chaos, and it is going to get worse.  These thoughts come to mind as you read the latest from our friend Sam FaddisWalmart Is Today’s Economic Canary In The Coal Mine“.

The American economy is on the verge of collapse as a direct result of the policies of the Biden administration, most notably in the realm of energy.  By going all-in with the climate change hoax in order to justify an accelerated shutdown of the fossil fuel industry, Biden policies have driven up the cost of everything, and the American people are feeling the pain.

Yet the American media lie about this.  They deny the reality of inflation and lie about what is causing it; they run false narratives to hide the weakness of consumer demand for all manner of goods and services; they lie over and over and over to prop up the leftist installed regime as if it is governing rationally and in good faith and with due care for the everyday American.

The economic house of cards is about to be demonstrated as a house of cards to a nation unprepared for it because of a media that has lost all respect for the very idea that truth exists…and they have an obligation to report it.

Our friend Sam Faddis sees Walmart’s recent store-shutdowns as far more than a signal of the lawlessness of Portland, Oregon; the surge of theft and shoplifting is, rather, a signal of increasing financial desperation among millions of Americans.  We think Portland is a lawless mess, but Sam is onto something.

Sam Faddis expresses his opinions and the factual basis for them.  You can disagree with his opinions but not his facts….because he does not lie.  That’s what journalism use to be all about.  Here’s hoping that there will be journalism schools throughout the country that root out from future graduates any notion of a liberty to lie.

And here’s hoping WalMart won’t be the canary in the coal mine that is the broader US economy.


Walmart Is Today’s Economic Canary In The Coal Mine

By Sam Faddis