Scott Adams – Rising to the Big Picture

Scott Adams – Rising to the Big Picture

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon series, has developed a large social media following for his musings on what is going on in this country.  He’s proudly difficult to pin down as being in any specific partisan category, which no doubt aids the growth of his following (now at 1.1M on X).  His latest X post has a considerable ring of truth to it.


Scott Adams

I finally figured out what’s wrong with “everything.”

It’s a system problem.

The introduction of Trump into the system(s) broke almost everything, and in multiple ways.

The fake news created a White Supremacist hysteria, which led to the Fine People Hoax and the George Floyd Hoax, which led to massive DEI, which led to massive systemic incompetence in all of our systems at once.

Add wokeness and cancelation and we can’t discuss the issue, much less fix it.

That’s a system problem.

The corrective mechanism (free speech) has been removed.

On top of that, the Trump experience has made it clear all of our government systems are corrupt. They probably always were, but as long as we didn’t notice, things limped along okay.

Now we notice. Now we don’t accept “the science” we know is corrupt. We don’t accept the omnibus bills we know are corrupt. We don’t accept the foreign wars that look sketchy. We don’t accept elections we can’t fully audit. We don’t trust the news, for good reason. We don’t trust our intel services to not be agents of one party. And we see the justice departments weaponized.

While all that happened Soros found a way to take control of all American systems via funding of non-government entities and integrating them into the American systems.

But at the head of the snake is the fake news and fake science.

There is no correcting mechanism.

The X platform is the only counterforce, and that’s why the crooks are trying to take it out, and Musk at the same time.