Self-Governance, Freedom of Speech, and Truth: Listen to Mike Benz

Self-Governance, Freedom of Speech, and Truth: Listen to Mike Benz

Most won’t have the time or inclination to listen to the hour+ Tucker Carlson interview of Mike Benz (see below)…and that’s a shame.  Benz is intelligent, extremely well-informed and articulate–and he explains in very understandable terms exactly how the US government morphed from the good guys in the aftermath of WWII to a force for totalitarian censorship (aka, evil) in 2014 and beyond.

Many astute observers have had gut feelings aligned with the explanations Benz provides; Benz supplies the details that flesh out those gut feelings.

America’s founders had great confidence in humanity’s capacity for self-governance; seeing ‘man’ (a generic term for men and women) as the product of a benevolent, good Creator drove them to a higher view of the capabilities and dignity of the common man.

That common man, endowed with inalienable rights from his Creator, could be trusted to consent to (vote for) a government that would be as honorable and decent as they were….IF the nation itself guaranteed ‘freedom of speech’ to all citizens.  That’s because the founders understood freedom of speech as the necessary preserver and elevator of truth in society.  Not because everyone who exercised their freedom of speech would speak truthfully, but because the clash of free speech in the public square would necessarily, over time, enable the emergence of truth in a form to which the electorate would be drawn.  Lies and silliness would fall by the wayside.

Sometime after the CIA’s establishment in 1947, government leadership lost confidence that truth could and would sustain itself in the arena of ideas (stated another way, they lost confidence in the ordinary citizen’s capacity to discern truth from lies); even more, they lost faith in the existence of truth itself.  They had confidence only in the rightness of their own hard-won consensus of opinion as to the way things ought to be or, in the vernacular of the day:  “their truth”.  And if the American people dared to have a different view of the way things ought to be, then the channels of information through which Americans developed such heretical opinions had to be shut down, discredited, managed–i.e., CENSORED–or else the world would be in great danger from any divergence from that of the consensus view held by government institutions.  Censorship was the only answer; the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech was an antiquated relic rendered obsolete by the internet era of instant global communication.

As a direct result (though not the only cause)…America is now hurtling off the cliff into complete chaos.  The loss of societal confidence in the existence of truth inevitably leads to injustice and lawlessness; and when government thinks of itself as the definer of truth, totalitarian tyranny as the means to fight that lawlessness will follow.

Freedom of speech is the foundational bulwark against this outcome.  But it requires an electorate that understands why, and still believes in the existence of truth.

Watch this interview.  America can be restored if enough good people wake up in time…and Tucker Carlson is doing everything he can to make that happen.