Senator Ron Johnson – The Light is On

Senator Ron Johnson – The Light is On

Take 6+ minutes of your time to listen below to a segment of Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing today titled “Covid-19: A Second Opinion”.

In this clip, attorney Thomas Renz testified that he has sworn affidavits from doctors in the US military that confirm out-and-out lying by the American public health establishment as to the documented health dangers of the covid vaccines.

Why would ‘mainstream’ news outlets NOT cover Senator Johnson’s hearing?    The assembled group is credentialed and experienced; the information they are sharing is specific and verifiable, and the subject is profoundly relevant to the moral and physical health of America and Americans.

Coverage of the hearing is everywhere on alternative media; but largely invisible elsewhere.  Why is that?  What is the honest, decent, good faith explanation for any responsible media ignoring or censoring this story?

American ‘elites’, including those who run the legacy media, are trying to smother absolute powder keg stories–the magnitude of the 2020 election fraud, and now the massive evidence of plandemic fraud–and about all they are left with as a rationale is that the truth is too unsettling for the ignorant masses and so must be suppressed.

But these stories are not going away; truth can be distorted, perverted and in fact suppressed for a while, but not forever.

And the ignorant masses are not ignorant and are not ‘masses’; they are Americans with a heritage of self-government based on their own sense of morality, decency and good faith.   They can handle the truth; they can’t handle a government that relentlessly lies to them on just about every subject.  THAT is what is unsettling.

Senator Ron Johnson might just ride his commitment to honesty, decency and good faith all the way to the White House.  He’s acting like a real American leader.