Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC: GOP’s Liberty Mission

Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC: GOP’s Liberty Mission

In this post-Trump presidency phase of America’s political history, there is a very public battle ongoing about who and what defines the Republican Party. But the truth is that the battle is only really ongoing at the alleged party leadership level. The everyday people, the millions of GOP voters, already know the answer to the question about what direction they want the GOP to take, and what politicians must do to earn their support.

At the leadership or intellectual ruling class level, the NeverTrumpers are fighting a losing battle for relevancy.  Lincoln Project anti-Trumpers are licking their wounds after an unsuccessful effort to divide the GOP culminated in the exposure of a top leader’s sexual perversion and predation, and some uber-establishment Bushies have publicly announced their departures from the GOP. Many Republican leaders seem to believe they can rally the support of the 75 million Trump voters while returning to the old GOP ways, and at the same time banishing the man and the MAGA agenda from the party.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz answered the question at CPAC this year.  We can only judge from the video, but it appeared he really fired up the crowd with the simple message—the truth—that liberty is under assault in America, and that liberty lovers have and in fact are the answer.  Donald Trump “ain’t going anywhere,” and his supporters are not surrendering.

Cruz called out today’s Democrat Party leaders as the hard left socialists they are, and reminded the crowd that those socialists hold all the levers of government power right now. He told the audience that the media and Left want to see a Republican internal civil war, but that the cause of liberty can unite conservatives, Republicans and libertarians.

Cruz reminded the CPAC crowd that the Left is profoundly coercive, shrill and angry, so offered the antidote that the GOP must defend liberty, and have fun. He told the audience all about who the GOP is today, the party of the steel workers, and construction workers, and pipeline workers, and taxicab drivers and cops and firefighters and waiters and waitresses and men and women with callouses on their hands. This, he said, is our party and “these deplorables are here to stay.”

Cruz’s parting reminders that everyone has a platform and can use it to spread the message of freedom, that the love of liberty must win, and that 2022 and 2024 look great for the GOP, rallied the thousands of young conservatives who flooded into Florida to celebrate freedom.

CPAC is a welcome antidote for the fear that is spreading in America. These liberty lovers are on fire—