September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016

First Five

Tonight’s show marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11…in looking at the risks of today–is Donald Trump really the ‘dangerous’ candidate for President?  Hillary still thinks Islam is a ‘religion of peace’; still wants to bring unvetted Muslims into this country.  Her top aide has extensive connections with the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization.  The Clinton Foundation has corrupted her judgment.  And the email scandal shows extreme recklessness and vulnerability to blackmail.  Hillary is the danger to America.

Libya and Iran are also part of Hillary’s legacy.  North Korea is a legacy of Bill Clinton—and is a an example of terrible judgement about evil that both of them have shown Americans.

Former Congressman and Chairman of the post-9/11 House Intelligence Committee Pete Hoekstra calls in to talk about how things have changed in the intervening fifteen years.  Today is not a day for partisan politics, but there is a need to strengthen the US military.  Hoekstra is working on the Trump campaign, and feels very confident in Trump’s transferable leadership qualities.  Hoekstra is also a contemporary of Mike Pence, and considers him a friend of the highest character.

In the second hour…

Leading ladies Jeni McGarry and Drinda Randall join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.  The opening question for them:  Is this a Flight #93 election?

Jeni is right with the spirit of Flight #93—and it’s time for ‘let’s roll’ with a newcomer, Donald Trump.

Drinda says it is a Flight #93 election, too, and has had a change of heart on Trump—she supports him, too.

What about Hillary’s reference to half of Trump’s voters as the ‘basket of deplorables’?  And Bill Clinton claiming “make America great again” is racist code talk?  This stuff isn’t playing well with the American people.  The divisiveness just reeks.  And Bill Clinton said the same words in his own campaign—were they racist then?

Trump’s speech on rebuilding the military deserves praise.  Peace through strength needs to make a comeback.

Debbie and Jeni share a special story of an American Vietnam vet meeting with DFW area Vietnamese immigrants—and seeing the full circle benefit of America’s effort in Vietnam.

And a final story on 9/11—an American woman pilot was ready and willing and almost given orders to fly her F-16 into Flight #93.  Our soldiers, sailors and airmen and women are truly noble.

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