September 25, 2016

September 25, 2016

First Five


Debbie takes up the insanity of the U.S. Congress providing funds to help law enforcement identify ‘islamophobes’ rather than violent jihadists.  Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert deserves credit for calling out this nonsense.


Tomorrow’s debate will bring Americans another opportunity to see which candidate and which political party is prepared to deal with the problem of Islamic supremacist ideology.


Lt. Col. Allen West (US Army, ret’d) joins Debbie in studio to talk about the state of the Obama administration’s grasp of the Islamic threat.  When Islamic violence occurs, Americans are not supposed to jump to conclusions.  But when there is a police shooting, there is a mandatory jump to a conclusion of racism.   A great discussion.


The mayors of New York City, Paris and London are active participants in the campaign of obfuscation, denial and lying about the truth of the Islamic threat.  Americans aren’t buying it anymore.


A discussion of Charlotte and Tulsa is very illuminating.  Riots in a battleground state are not a coincidence.  Black Lives Matter is a selective, politicized movement that does not address the real scope of problems in the black community.


The ‘cruise through the news’ touches on Obama’s alias appearing in Hillary’s private email; the Democrats appear ready to override Obama’s veto of a bill permitting US citizens to sue Saudi Arabia; and Facebook gets exposed as misleading advertisers….interesting stuff.


In the second hour…


Roundtable members Lorie Medina and Wade Miller join Debbie for the second hour.


Ted Cruz announced on Friday that he plans to vote for Trump and spelled out his reasons. Some NeverTrumpers took great offense or were very upset, others saw this as a wise move. This week’s Rapidfire Roundtable Question:


Did Ted Cruz hurt or help himself with this announcement?  Will it help Trump?


Lorie has been a longtime Cruz supporter, and is disappointed in Cruz’ move.  She doesn’t think it will help Trump.


Wade thinks Trump gains from it, but Cruz faces more of a mixed bag.  ‘The pledge’ was a big deal to Ted, because he’s always fashioned himself a man who keeps his word.  Ted also cares about the Supreme Court, and even if it costs him his Senate seat to endorse Trump, the protection against remaking the Supreme Court.


Debbie believes Ted will also benefit in case in Trump loses in November—no one can say the loss is the fault of those who wouldn’t endorse Trump.


Wade also thinks the six points Cruz highlighted sets up a mandate for Trump if Trump wins (it’s a signal to McConnell and Ryan of what needs to be top priorities for the first 100 days of a Trump administration).


The current Congressional habits on display with the ‘continuing resolution’ are precisely why Americans are so angry with their government.


Author and commentator Daniel Horowitz (also senior editor of the website “Conservative Review”) calls in to talk about his book “Stolen Sovereignty”.  Americans need to be better informed about the proper limits to judicial authority, and Mr. Horowitz’ book is a great resource.


Under the Constitution, Congress actually can limit the authority of the courts.  There are ways the states can also fight back against the court-imposed liberal agenda.  A high-level discussion…


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the September 25th show:


Gohmert floor speech about idiocity of passing a bill dealing with CVE Countering Violent Extremism…


WHY rioting in Charlotte NC but not Tulsa OK?


If Charlotte shooting victim had followed gun laws he might be alive today


Allen West on the police shootings and riots and on how to deal with NYC bomber—video:


Allen West interview pointing out that when Islamic terror happens we are told not to rush to judgment, BUT when an officer involved shooting happens the Left leap to criticize police


NYC mayor co-writes op-ed with London mayor saying Islamic terror vanishingly rare…


Refugees- ok to say no in Texas to refugees


Texas withdraws from refugee program


Obama the globalist and the UN small arms treaty, and Obama’s speech

at the UN, climate, Iran…vVideo saying America should give up a little freedom to support global goals


Obama used fake IDENTITY on Hillary emails


Facebook LIES by 80%, exaggerates clicks on ads by 80%


Congress passes law allowing US Citizens to sue Saudi Arabia over 9.11,  but Obama vetoes


Obama veto, #2


Senate GOP caves on everything


AND Mitch McConnell leads the way


Horowitz:  12 Reasons why federal judiciary is irremediably broken


Dealing with jihad and refugee policy in America..

Jihad strikes in MN in the heart of refugee country, by Horowitz


Just 14 years ago Dems pushed cutting off visas from dangerous countries