September 4, 2016

September 4, 2016

First Five

Debbie draws on stories from a Latvian shoe factory and a Greek stowaway to help listeners understand the difference between private sector employment and government ‘jobs’.

The FBI’s release of information relating to the interview of Hillary Clinton is staggering in its implications…a ‘must listen’ discussion.

Prominent journalist and editorialist Claudia Rosett calls in to talk about the implications of ICAAN potentially being overseen by the UN rather than the US government.  Americans, and all freedom-loving people, should not want the UN censoring the internet.

In the second hour…

Leading ladies Lorie Medina and Mari Sullivan join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.

Kelli Ward losing to John McCain — really all conservative challengers lost (e.g., Paul Nehlen, Dan Bongino) –why do conservatives keep losing?

Lorie is distressed by the inability to wage competitive primaries within the GOP.  It’s an incumbent protection racket.  Mari is more hopeful that voters are calculating the need to retain control the Senate and House.   Debbie remains struck by the stifling of new and needed voices in Washington, D.C.

Why won’t Hillary Clinton talk to you (or anyone else)?  She’s watching her ‘unfavorables’ go through the roof.

What’s Trump got to do to take advantage?

Mari thinks Trump is emerging as a leader, and he’s not the dangerous one.  Hillary’s seclusion is costing her.

Lorie is a big fan of Kellyanne Conway—the hire Trump made that he has shown a willingness to listen to—and she is having a great and positive impact.

Trump’s speech to a black church in Detroit was remarkably subdued, sincere, and he connected.  Hillary’s pandering is cringe-worthy by contrast.

The French ban on the ‘burkini’ prompts some interesting commentary by the leading ladies.  The free exercise of religion is not a French ‘right’—so it is interesting to contrast with America’s constitutionally guaranteed rights.  Even Rastafarians working for Disney come up for discussion.

Debbie and the leading ladies’ cruise through the news turns up some gems:

  • Obama and undisclosed Iranian deal ‘exemptions’—what in the world is he doing?
  • Obama and avoidance of treaty approval with the climate deal…will any incumbent House or Senate member ever stand up to stop this?
  • Georgetown wants to give admission preferences to those descended from slaves?  For an ugly incident from 1838?  Why is racism the answer to racisim?
  • The liberal media cabal is apoplectic over the rising poll numbers of—get this—the Green Party and the Libertarian Party.
  • Hillary promises a press conference!  (After she’s elected President)
  • Recent headline: “Time to Take the Keys Away from Granny Clinton”
  • Obama seizes ocean water?


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