Seth Keshel – America Needs Statesman

Seth Keshel – America Needs Statesman

Seth Keshel is a friend; he has been a frequent guest on America Can We Talk? and a speaker at one of our Women for Freedom Summits.  He is a classic example of an American patriot who has stepped up, yugely, in America’s desperate time of need.  Ten years ago, nobody knew Captain Keshel outside the normal range of friends and family; now he is followed by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans.

He would likely tell you that the act of stepping up has come with a cost, with the slings and arrows that are always targeted at those who stand up for faith and freedom.

Captain Keshel has become a prolific writer and social media influencer; his Substack columns (we are paid subscribers, and encourage you to become one, too) are becoming ‘must reads’ every time.  He gets what is going on America like very few do.

His latest post “America Needs Statesmen” was ‘inspired’ by the tyrannical action of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, who decided to declare a public health emergency in response to gun violence, and then used her ’emergency powers’ to ban the citizens of New Mexico from carrying firearms for 30 days.

Governor Lujan Grisham’s action is blatantly unconstitutional and fundamentally ignorant.  Violent criminals don’t obey laws or executive orders; that’s what makes them criminals.  Banning all citizens from carrying weapons makes those who obey the ban into sitting ducks, incapable of defending themselves against the criminals who by definition don’t obey laws.  The Governor’s action increases the vulnerability and insecurity of the people of New Mexico.

The New Mexico Governor no doubt feels her good intentions are all that matter (she’s doing something!!), but her ignorance of human history, the Constitution, and human nature itself is and ought to be embarrassing, frightening and disturbing to the citizens of New Mexico.

New Mexico’s law enforcement officers ought to refuse to enforce her order, let her fire them all, and then take the entire matter all the way to the Supreme Court.  If SCOTUS won’t put an end to her nonsense, the Republic is over.

Which brings us back to Seth Keshel.  He’s so right.  America needs better leaders.  NOW.


America Needs Statesmen